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Holy Brimstone Mage[edit]

<-this is a special group that uses a type of fire called "Holy Fire" which is used among others in the group and can bring all into the group including gnomes, humans, orc's, Dragonborn's and elf's. But this type of group use's magic orbs that are planets (not full size planets) but small orbs that look like planets and also most of the mage's wear volcano type wizard hates but some others use bowler type hats and some don't wear hats. But you have to be strong, smart and agile when you are a "Holy Brimstone Mage".->.

Holy Brimstone Mage[edit]

<-Strong points and weak points, and effectiveness with party members are that the Holy Brimstone Mage can help defend but mostly they fight in the battle field but they can be weak without a teammate but still can fight well but the Holy Brimstone Mage can help for defense and also for solving puzzles.->.

Abilities: <-The Holy Brimstone Mage can use there magic planet orbs to fight and or defend but they come with a wand which they can use to fight mostly same as using there hands to form magic moves. They can use there ability to use your orb to solve certain tasks(that includes speaking.)->.

Alignment: <-alignments allowed for this class, or write "Any"->.

Starting Gold: <-Starting gold is 15).

Starting Age: <-the starting age of a Holy Brimstone Mage is there 30's or 20's->.

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