Holy Armor of Darkul the Gold (4e Equipment)

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Holy Armor of Darkul the Gold Level 5+ Rare
Darkul the Gold is a servent of Bahamut and has dedicated his life to his deities ends. He has had a number of Duergar that have converted to Bahamut. Upon their eyes becoming open to such beauty and power of the dragon god, they built a suit of armor for Darkul the Gold and have dedicated it to him. They have decided to continue to build such suits for those that are Bahamut followers and that become part of their new Temple. Those that are granted such a boon must have done something great in the name of Bahamut, for that is the only way to recieve such a gift.
Level 5 +1 1880 gp Level 20 +4 111000 gp
Level 10 +2 5400 gp Level 25 +5 551000 gp
Level 15 +3 23000 gp Level 30 +6 2751000 gp

Armor: Plate
Enhancement: AC
♦ Resist 5 to Fire; Acts as a magical holy symbol: grants a +1 to attack rolls and damage rolls to attacks made by the wearer, also does +1d6 damage per plus on a critical hit. The armor has a Power Jewel built into it; the powers of the jewel are below. Special: The wearer must have reached at least one milestone today to activate the Power Jewel.
Power ♦ Daily (Minor Action)
Power Jewel - This power allows you to regain the use of an encounter power of 1st or 3rd level.

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