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How to read the date in the world of Stormforge.[edit]

Day . Month . Year . Current Age

15.5.1501.6A would be the 15th Day of the Fifth Month, Year 1501 or the 6th Age

Known History[edit]

Day . Month . Year . Current Age

  • --- Rise of the Empire of the Sun, Kadishmar
  • --- Dark Prince Taverok assembles an undead legion and slowly marches across the Plains of Light towards Dros Corinth.
  • --- The Plains Nomads rally a massive army to stop the onslaught of undead and finally stop the undead legion within sight of Dros Corinth.
  • --- Dwarves of the Shieldlands send an emissary to establish trade with Kadishmar.
  • --- Agents of Shadar attempt to assassinate the Emir of Kadishmar after failing to form an alliance with the Empire. The failed attempt convinces the Emir that Shadar is a dire threat that must be eliminated. The Emir issues a Writ of Militia authorizing citizens to form mercenary companies to fight against the enemies of Kadishmar, but specifically Shadar.
  • --- Dark Prince Mawroc inspires the Orcs of Shadar to march toward Dros Corinth, Mercenary Companies from Kadishmar join the Plains Nomads in braking the Orc army and forcing it to retreat back to Shadar.
  • --- The Plains Nomads sign a treaty granting any “Enemy of Shadar” right to cross the

Plains of Light unharmed.

  • --- Dark Prince Davoreu raises an army of Goblinkind which marches south towards the Kadishite city of Famil, the Plains Nomads and the mercenaries quickly devastate the goblin army and kill thousands of goblins before they are forced to retreat.
  • 294.6A to 510.6A --- A Time of Peace and Prosperity
  • 9.7.515.6A --- King Gruenor Bloodfist is crowned the High King of the Shieldlands. His first act as High King is to march a great dwarven army across the Plains of Light and into the Spiderfell. The dwarven army slaughters tens of thousands of goblins before Dark Prince Davoreu meets the High King on the battlefield. The battle lasts for seven hours as the half the dwarven army is decimated by the Dark Prince’s retinue. In the end the High King is mortally wounded and his loyal bodyguards slain. The beleaguered and hopeless army is left to rot beneath the roots of the Spiderfell.
  • 23.4.516.6A --- Dark Prince Davoreu encouraged by his slaughter of the dwarven army leads and Goblin army from the Spiderfell with three hundred thousand goblins and fifty thousand Spiderfiends. The Dark Princes army meets little resistance as it marches across the Plains and lays siege to Dros Corinth.
  • 26.6.516.6A --- Three days after the siege begins Kosun, the God-King marches through the main gates of Dros Corinth and with magical fire burns his way to the Dark Prince’s presence. Kosun smites the Dark Prince and returns to the city, each and every goblin and spiderfiend bursting into flame and charring the earth beneath their corpses, leaving only ash behind. As the main gates closed behind Kosun, the winds cleared the ash from the Plains and some speculate returned it’s taint to the Spiderfell.
  • 15.2.680.6A --- The shires between the Ravenwood and Aerindor is renamed the Meadowlands, a council is appointed and its sovereignty is acknowledge by Kadishmar, Aerindor, the Shieldlands, and the many kingdoms of the Storm Reaches.
  • 11.5.712.6A --- Dark Prince Aarum raises an army of demon-kind which he marches south along the coast towards Kadishmar, the Plains Nomads and Mercenary companies slaughter the demons before they are able to do much damage.
  • 27.3.829.6A --- Former dwarven High King Gruenor Bloodfist is crowned Dark Prince Gruenor, he raises his former dwarven army as an undead legion and marches north across the Plains of Light towards the Shieldlands. The Plains Nomads and Dwarves of the Shieldlands destroy the undead legion and force Dark Prince Gruenor to flee back to Shadar.
  • 884.6A to 905.6A --- The many kingdoms of the Storm Reaches begin a succession war that results in Calus Stormbranch being chosen as the first Lord Protector of Stormguard.
  • 18.1.961.6A --- Sailors from Stormguard rediscover the island nation of Thaele newly revealed by The Storm. The sailors barely escape Thaele with their lives.
  • 962.6A to 975.6A --- The minotaurs of Thaele begin a campaign of raiding along the eastern coast of Aerinthia.
  • 8.7.981.6A --- Kadishite merchants establish trade with Thaele, the Emperor of Theale decrees that no Kadishite merchant may be enslaved by the people of Thaele unless they commit a crime against the Emperor. Less moral Kadishite begin selling slaves to the Minotaur Empire, Thaele is called the Empire of Blood by the Lord Protector of Stormguard because of the massive gladiatorial fights that occur in Thaele.
  • 1.4.1027.6A --- The Seafarers first arrive on the shores of Kadishmar, they bring exotic spices and rare creatures to trade. Within a year they have established trade outposts in every major coastal city across Aerinthia.
  • 22.9.1155.6A --- On the small sky isle of Auvurem worshippers of Avanali, Neviri, Shadril, Mastion, and Rhea found a monastery dedicated to the study of the divine elements.
  • 22.9.1165.6A --- The people of the sky isle of Auvurem become the first Genasi of Aerinthia through the blessing of their chosen element and their worship of their patron god or goddess. The town of Windhome is founded on Auvurem with the principles of shared learning and common good for all Genasi.
  • 10.3.1223.6A --- Avoreem Goldleaf crowned Stag King of Aerindor after the death of his father, Volineath
  • 17.6.1355.6A --- Dark Princess Inothia encourages the Lizardfolk of the Black Marsh to attack the Plains Nomads, for sixteen weeks the Lizardfolk swarm from their marshlands across the plains and slaughter the nomads, but at the beginning of the seventeenth week the Lizardfolk retreat to their marsh. The Kadishite mercenaries who sought out the remnants of the Lizardfolk marauders found the body of the Dark Princess impaled upon an iron spike at the border of the marsh, below her body was a sign in Dark Speech that said “Thy king may demand loyalty and obedience, but your god demands sacrifice” The sign was marked with the symbol of the Prophet of Nalfien. The body is left as a dire reminder of the danger of Shadar for both friends and enemies.
  • 2.10.1406.6A --- Kadishite merchants discover the jungle islands of Madragar
  • 18.4.1407.6A --- The settlement of Haven is built by Kadishite merchants upon the shores of Madragar.
  • 1521.6A --- The Storm retreats from the Jargath Icefields revealing the Frozen Wastes and the barbarians who live in the harsh place.
  • 6.9.1540.6A --- Highlady Torvona is chosen as Regent of the sky isle of Gwynn Far.
  • 1540.6A to 1567.6A --- The Dark Princes Gruenor, Davoreu, Taverok, and Mawroc rally the lesser princes and two undead legions, a massive demon, goblin, orc, and lizardfolk army march forth from Shadar the army deals massive blows to the combined forces of Dros Corinth, Kadishmar, the Shieldlands, and the Plains Nomads. The dark armies are repeatedly forced back to Shadar, only to rush back into battle weeks later. The dark armies lay siege to Famil, Dros Corinth, and Highkeep.
  • 13.3.1568.6A --- The Dragons of Gwynn Far, Avarial of Thaumaedor, Elves of Aerindor, Storm Legions of Stormguard, and militias of the Meadowlands join the armies of Kadishmar, Dros Corinth, and the Plains Nomads and form the Great Alliance.
  • 7.1568 --- The Great Alliance marches against the dark armies and within the month the dark armies are crushed behind the alliances combined military and magical power. The remnants of the dark armies retreat back to Shadar.
  • 3.1573.6A --- The lesser Dark Princes Haugen, Valifrost, and Jaeraw assemble and army of demons, goblins, and undead and march towards the borders of Shadar intending to conquer Dros Corinth or slaughter the Plains Nomads once and for all. However, the Bloodsaw Mercenary Company comes across the army before it can cross the border. Although the dark army is destroyed, the mercenary company is also devastated by the battle and many of the survivors are taken captive by Dark Prince Valifrost in the hopes that he might corrupt these people into willing servants which he can send back to their homelands.

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