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Olyptia's history is not as old as most worlds but it is full of vast knowledge as to why the world is as it is in it's modern state


The story goes that the beings of the Luminescent Empyream and the Hollow Dark became tired of their constant quarrels and created Olyptia as to fill it with beings they could influence to their will instead. The normal races of the realm were molded after the Celestials from the Empyream whereas the savage races where molded after the Fiends of the Dark. Whether this is fact or fiction is not known.

The First Age (Age of Prosperity)[edit]

The First Age began 5 years after the Creation story when the various races had created their cities and villages. This marks the first Age that was ever recorded in history and everything is proven fact by the Sages in the Fourth Age. All races lived in prosperity with each other, thought to be due to the innactivity from the Empyream and Dark, and worked together to better their cities and populations. At this point Olyptia had no marshlands and the Dragon's Mouth was a small mountain chain. This peace lasted all the way to the War of Iniquity that brought upon the Great Order of Light and the beginning of the Second Age. The war was fought between the normal races and the savage races, who were practicing dark magics and corrupting Olyptia's populace.

The Second Age (Age of Iniquity)[edit]

After the War of Iniquity, after which the Age is named, a group of hyper-religious warriors, sages, and priests created the Great Order of Light. This Order became the ruling factor for all Olyptia creating laws and enforcing judgement. It was composed of beings from all the normal races. The Order shunned the dark magics that had started the war and sought to destroy the savage races whose shamans practiced dark magic. After the first war that started this new Age, the savage races fled to the mountains and used their magics to raise them higher and created more and more mountains for them to hide. This was originally thought to be just a series of earthquakes but the capture of an Orc Shaman informed the Great Order that they used the islands that once sat offshore from Olyptia to create the mountains and dubbly named it the Dragon's Mouth after the volcanoes they also created. The Second Age ended a thousand years later after the savage races became innactive in the mountain range. It was in this Age that the Dragons started disappearing from Olyptia and no recorded history has an explanation for this occurance.

The Third Age (Age of Darkness)[edit]

The Third Age began with the outbreak of necromancy across Olyptia. The Great Order of Light, renamed the Paladin Order later in this Age, began hunting down the magical races. At this point Humans couldn't cast magic so they were considered pure. Half-Elves however could use magic and their offspring, considered full human, developed magic later on into their adolescence and were thus considered a smaller threat. This Age brought to light the first time the Arch-Lych's Manuscript was ever used. An artifact from the Hollow Dark, the Manuscript gave the one who read it vast power and the ability to transform into an Arch-Lych. It was used by Nixol Sansyr II to bring about an everlasting darkness. The newly named Paladin Order, now consisting of only pure-blooded Humans with magic, rallied the other races who would join them namely the Elves and Gnomes to destroy Nixol and the Savage races once and for all. The Elves already dwindled in numbers due to the first magic purge and lost many more in what became the Magicae Infernum, the Great Magic Purge. This is what caused the marshlands in the north of Olyptia. When Nixol died and his phylactery was found and destroyed, those present became infected and quickly died, their bodies turning the ground into swamps and killing off most of the vegetation. The Order, now only numbering in the hundreds quickly returned to their respective cities and began to recruit, enslaving the Elves to help rebuild lost cities and as regular Infantry. The Elves were later released from slavery and the army 200 years later. The Elves, broken and endangered, left the civilized world and became hermits in the forests of Olyptia some leaving Olyptia entirely in search of other lands. Nobody knows if they were ever successful.

The Fourth Age (Age of History)[edit]

During the Fourth Age, the Paladin Order sanctioned it's Sages to collect all Olyptian Lore and compile it into the Lorekeeper, an enchanted book that records history as it happens by a massive scrying spell cast from it to overwatch all of Olyptia. It was during this Age that the Human population skyrocketed and they then branched out and bred with the Elves who were becoming socially accepted slowly. At this point in history the Dwarves sealed themselves inside their mines with only a handful leaving every now and then for adventure. Olyptia again shared an age of peace with very few battles and interruptions from the savage races who now feared the Order because of their own small numbers. The Age of History ended five years after it started making it the shortest Age Olyptia has. It ended with the election of a new leader of The Paladin Order.

The Fifth Age (Age of Redemption)[edit]

Olyptia is currently in the waning years of this Age. The leader of The Paladin Order was slowly becoming corrupted and sought the Arch-Lych's Manuscript to use for his own. He successfuly kept this hidden from most of the Order and the ones who knew supported his efforts. The Humans of Olyptia began fighting each other and this age had many more battles and wars than the others. The barbarians from the tundra came down from the north at the beginning of spring and often ransacked the small villages and outlying towns for what they had. Just a mear seven years into The Fourth Age, the barbarians came down and completely destroyed the Druidic Order of Kirsteng Forst, a peaceful order of Elves, Half-Elves, and Humans who protected the forest with their magics. A lone survivor managed to "escape" the onslaught and wound up in the company of Nixol Aquiri, named after Nixol Sansyr who was a powerful necromancer. He taught this individual and tried to betray her. She escaped and came into company of a powerful Paladin in her quest to eliminate the barbarians and to retrieve the Arch-Lych's Manuscript and hide it for all eternity. The Lorekeeper tracked all her adventures across Olyptia up until she died at the hands of the Order's Leader in the tundra. She showed back up a week later and again disappeared shortly thereafter this time along with the Lead Paladin and the Manuscript. She once again showed up seven years later, more powerful than she had ever been successfully killing the Order's Leader and hiding the Manuscript away. A new Leader was selected and she married him after he legalized the use of magic as long as it helped the peoples of Olyptia. It has been a year since that event and Olyptia has a long way to go to undo the damage the Order caused during it's tyrannical rule. The year is 3124AC (after Creation) in the Age of Redemption of Olyptia, the Lorekeeper still keeps a watch over the realm waiting to log the next great adventure in Olyptia.

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