History, Sanctuary's Purge (Sanctuary's Lot Supplement)

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Sanctuary's Purge[edit]

1 a.s. to 192 a.s.

With the few scattered remnants of humanity desperately trying to avoid the attention of the ravenous Strangers, in isolated locales were noted the appearance of inexplicable and seemingly benevolent (or at least, not malevolent) beings. Some took the form of loved ones, friends, imaginary creatures, famous figures of literature or religion. Some of these strange creatures took entirely random shapes.

And these creatures spoke. And they did speak, they always seemed familiar with the people the talked to, as though these visitors knew their human guests well. They commented, conversationally about the apocalypse and tried to assure people. that, in fact, everything was going to be just fine: He was coming. And things were going to be made right.

In a region now known as Purgant Hill, a swarm of dream creatures (the magnitude of which has not been witnessed since) prefaced Sanctuary’s appearance. A witness from that time described a foggy “smudging” of space from which first emerged a host of dream creatures more than one-hundred thousand strong. A floating humanoid figure some four storeys in height, wearing armor and draped in white robes, wielding a sword and a staff immediately followed the host.

Sanctuary and his host swiftly dispatched the nearest god from the Dark and obliterated its followers. From there, he traveled ceaselessly, destroying all Strangers he found.

Days later, night abruptly turned to day as a similar emergence from the Dream saw the arrival of the black and gold robed god Rune and his radiant host. Rune and his servants hunted the creatures from the Dark with an unswerving fervor often described as viciousness.

Shortly afterwards, Monolyth crossed from the Dream to the mortal realm unattended. Transforming himself into a great, half-seen wind, Monolyth traveled from city to city, forever banishing the Strangers from the dwellings of man.

Over the course of nearly two centuries, the three dream gods would kill or banish the Strangers from the Evanescent realm. All the gods of the Dark who survived returned to their own realm (arguably, all but one) and most of their servants destroyed.

Though certainly, not all...

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