History, Pre-Visitation (Sanctuary's Lot Supplement)

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unknown to ≈100 p.s.

“Consider, I stick fast in thy mouth, and yet, in thy hands, nevermore.”

from a controversial passage translation by early 17th century historian Atima Molttin of what was once assumed to be a popular pre-visitation Ynglitch religious tract.

Historians today have a very murky view of the world prior to the arrival of The Strangers and their legions of fetid servants. Many records contain obscure or outright incomprehensible references, while others seem to contradict one another. Added to the confusion, the pre-visitation world’s documentation relied almost exclusively on a now lost technology. Conflicting descriptions of this science imply information was somehow injected or sprayed into the air or, alternately, radiated like heat across large areas. Regardless, deprived of this mechanism, and coupled with the shocking destruction the Strangers inflicted, a preponderance of knowledge was irreparably lost.

What little has been pieced together paints a picture so fantastical as to challenge credulity. Commonplace flying conveniences, the elimination of disease and starvation, and instantaneous worldwide communication are just a few of the alleged hallmarks of this miraculous age.

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