History, Early Post-Visitation (Sanctuary's Lot Supplement)

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Early Anno Sanctuary Period[edit]

23 a.s. to 387a.s.

If there were witnesses to the departure of Sanctuary, Rune, and Monolyth from this world, history does not record them. Though the quiet withdrawal of the three from this universe scarcely marked a diminishment of their influence in our world.

Indeed, the first and second century Anno Sanctuary saw the rise of many independent cults worshiping the gods of The Dream as protectors of mankind and vanguards against the lingering presence of The Dark and its agents. By the beginning of the third century, organized religion flourished and conducted a necessary form of social cohesion desperately needed during the tenuous rebuilding period.

It’s during the middle of the third century that foundation for what would eventually become the first church of Fenestra is laid with the appearance of the influential oracle, Ismene, who claimed she heard the voice of beings in her dreams predicting future events. Among her predictions: the birth of the prophet Melios Fenestra, the existence of the Lords of the Ten Towers, and the fall of the first kingdoms.

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