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Highlander Dwarf[edit]

"Well met, laddie! Ye be thinkin' ye can come 'aer wi' yer wee sword an' yer lang hair an' yer skinny wee arms, an' expect me tae jist be layin' doon on mah belly an' lit ye take our lands?!? Well, ye tall bastard, ye 'ave anither thin' comin'!!!"

The fearsome Highlander Dwarfs are clans of dwarfs that live a nomadic lifestyle on the highlands, far from the depths of their mountain homes. There they build temporary mud hut settlements during the winter only to abandon them in the spring. They are, by necessity, very military minded and have frequent clashes with nearby races which range from throwing goats at the castles of their enemies (usually more for humor than for damage) to full scale wars against nearby goblin or giant settlements.

Their skin is a richer shade of brown than their mountain and hill kin, and they often have fiery red hair, but other shades standard for dwarves and humans are not uncommon. They are also slightly taller and stockier than the typical dwarf, sometimes being mistaken (much to their disgust) as a slightly short and rude human.

While they speak and understand common, it is very difficult to understand as they tend to mix in dwarven words and intonations into their speech. They have just as much trouble keeping up with other folks speaking the common tongue for much the same reason, all the while assuming their own accent is damn near perfect.

Ability Score Increase. Your Strength score is increased by 2.
Lost Touch. After years away from the stones of the mountains, Highlander Dwarves have lost their Stonecunning racial trait.
Natural Born Carousers. Highlander Dwarfs are immune to fatigue or exhaustion caused by drinking alcohol or pub crawling, though other poisons affect them as they do standard dwarves. Additionally, they receive so much relaxation from their beloved beer that once per short or long rest, they can recover all of their levels of exhaustion by imbiding a single drought of alcohol. They still require the normal amount of rest per day despite this fact, particularly if they need to recover spells or class features.
Let's Wrassle, Boy. Highlander Dwarves gain proficiency with Strength (Athletics) checks. If they are already proficient, they instead gain expertise with Strength (Athletics) checks.
Brave Hearts. Highlander Dwarves have advantage on saving throws against being frightened, and they may make Intimidation checks using Strength instead of Charisma.

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