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The history of the Highest is a tragic tale of betrayal and evil. The Highest appeared to be a wise, powerful and noble race, striving to spread peace through Carallion, yet they turned evil and corrupt.

The Highest still evoke many questions. It is still unknown if the Highest had always been corrupt or that the change had come at some point in time. Some believe that the Highest had always planned to conquer Carallion, while others believe something caused them to change. The Fall of the Highest is still hotly debated amongst sages.

What is known is that the Highest were powerful beings beautiful to behold to most races and apparently blessed with a natural kindness. Their talent for magic rivalled that of the Elves, but they were physically stronger and more resillient than Dwarves or Urak.

The highest resembled Humans the most, but had pointed ears and a golden skin. They could have any eye and hair colour and seemed to enjoy eternal youth, since no Highest is known to have ever died of old age, though they could be slain in combat.

The Highest followed a single deity called Oaam and was said to be the guardian of all things, though it was not the creator. The Highest saw Oaam as the highest possible thing to aspire to as it was a kind and benevolent deity. Many races began to worship Oaam, but his cult nearly completely vanished after the Fall. A handful still follow Oaam in secret, but worshipping him openly is a crime in most realms.

The remaining Highest fled to remote locations, but they were ruthlessly hunted down. Their evil seemed to spread like a cancer and corrupted everything around them, it was impossible for a Highest to remain in one area for long and not be noticed. The last Highest was slain in 4187.

Once in a while the rumor of surviving Highest spreads, but it is believed that the Highest are no longer present on Carallion.

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