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Hexblade Reimagined[edit]

WotC admittedly made the original Hexblade class underpowered because they feared that a mix of arcane magic and melee combat would be too unbalanced. After admitting they were wrong, some suggestions were made to by some official sources, but no official errata was released to balance the Hexblade with the other classes. This is an attempt at balancing and refocusing the Hexblade using some of the suggestions from official sources while also adding some of my unknown.


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Table 1-1: The Hexblade Reimagined
Hit Die: d10
Level Base
Attack Bonus
Special Spells per Day
1st 2nd 3rd 4th
1st +1 +2 +0 +2 Hexblade's Curse 1/day
2nd +2 +3 +0 +3 Arcane resistance
3rd +3 +3 +1 +3 Mettle
4th +4 +4 +1 +4 Metamagic specialist 0
5th +5 +4 +1 +4 Bonus feat, hexblade's curse 2/day 0
6th +6 +5 +2 +5 Stronger hexblade's curse 1
7th +7 +5 +2 +5 Greater hexblade's curse 1
8th +8 +6 +2 +6 Cursing adept 1 1 0
9th +9 +6 +3 +6 Hexblade's curse 3/day 1 0
10th +10 +7 +3 +7 Bonus feat 1 1
11th +11 +7 +3 +7 - 1 1 0
12th +12 +8 +4 +8 Aura of unluck 1/day, stronger hexblade's curse 1 1 1
13th +13 +8 +4 +8 Hexblade's curse 4/day 1 1 1
14th +14 +9 +4 +9 Cursing adept 2 2 1 1 0
15th +15 +9 +5 +9 Bonus feat 2 1 1 1
16th +16 +10 +5 +10 Aura of unluck 2/day 2 2 1 1
17th +17 +10 +5 +10 Hexblade's curse 5/day 2 2 2 1
18th +18 +11 +6 +11 Stronger hexblade's curse 3 2 2 1
19th +19 +11 +6 +11 Dire hexblade's curse 3 3 3 2
20th +20 +12 +6 +12 Aura of unluck 3/day, bonus feat, cursing adept 3 3 3 3 3

Class Skills (2 + Int modifier per level; ×4 at 1st level)
Bluff (Cha), Concentration (Con), Craft (Int), Diplomacy (Cha), Intimidate (Cha), Knowledge (arcana) (Int), Profession (Wis), Ride (Dex), and Spellcraft (Int).

Table 1-2: Hexblade Reimagined Spells Known
Level Spells Known
1st 2nd 3rd 4th
4th 1
5th 1
6th 2
7th 2
8th 3 1
9th 3 1
10th 3 2
11th 3 2 1
12th 3 3 2
13th 3 3 2
14th 3 3 3 1
15th 3 3 3 2
16th 3 3 3 2
17th 4 4 3 3
18th 4 4 3 3
19th 4 4 4 3
20th 4 4 4 4

Class Features[edit]

All of the following are class features of the Hexblade Reimagined:

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: A Hexblade can cast arcane spells without incurring an arcane spell failure chance while wearing light or medium armor and and while wielding a light shield. Because the somatic components required for hexblade spells are simple, a hexblade can cast hexblade spells while wearing light or medium armor and while wielding a light shield without incurring the normal arcane spell failure chance. However, like any other arcane spellcaster, a hexblade wearing heavy armor or using a heavy shield incurs a chance of arcane spell failure if the spell in question has a somatic component (and most do). A multiclass hexblade still incurs the normal arcane spell failure chance for arcane spells derived from other classes.

Hexblade’s Curse (Su): Once per day, as a free action, a hexblade can unleash a curse upon a foe. The target must be visible to the hexblade and within 60 feet. The target of a hexblade’s curse takes a –2 penalty on attacks, saves, ability checks, skill checks, and weapon damage rolls for 1 hour thereafter. A successful Will save (DC 10 + 1/2 hexblade’s class level + hexblade’s Cha modifier) negates the effect. At every four levels beyond 1st (5th, 9th, 13th, and 17th) a hexblade gains the ability to use his curse one additional time per day, as indicated on Table 1–1. Multiple hexblade’s curses don’t stack, and any foe that successfully resists the effect cannot be affected again by the same hexblade’s curse for 24 hours. Any effect that removes or dispels a curse eliminates the effect of a hexblade’s curse. At 6th level and every 6th level thereafter (12th, 18th, etc.), a hexblade gains a +2 competence bonus to the DC of its curse that stacks with other competence bonuses granted by the Hexblade's curse. At 7th level and every twelfth level thereafter (19th, 31st, etc), the penalty increases by a cumulative -2.

Arcane Resistance (Su): At 2nd level, a hexblade gains a bonus equal to his Charisma bonus (minimum +1) on saving throws against spells and spell-like effects.

Mettle (Ex): At 3rd level and higher, a hexblade can resist magical and unusual attacks with great willpower or fortitude. If he makes a successful Will or Fortitude save against an attack that normally would have a lesser effect on a successful save (such as any spell with a saving throw entry of Will half or Fortitude partial), he instead completely negates the effect. An unconscious or sleeping hexblade does not gain the benefit of mettle.

Spells: Beginning at 4th level, a hexblade gains the ability to cast a small number of arcane spells, which are drawn from the hexblade spell list (see below). He can cast any spell he knows without preparing it ahead of time, just as a sorcerer can (see page 54 of the Player’s Handbook). To learn or cast a spell, a hexblade must have a Charisma score equal to at least 10 + the spell level (Cha 11 for 1st-level spells, Cha 12 for 2nd-level spells, and so forth). The Difficulty Class for a saving throw against a hexblade’s spell is 10 + the spell level + the hexblade’s Cha modifier. Like other spellcasters, a hexblade can cast only a certain number of spells of each spell level per day. His base daily spell allotment is given on Table 1–1. In addition, he receives bonus spells per day if he has a high Charisma score (see Table 1–1: Ability Modifiers and Bonus Spells, page 8 of the Player’s Handbook). When Table 1–1 indicates that the hexblade gets 0 spells per day of a given spell level (for instance, 1st-level spells for a 4th-level hexblade), he gains only the bonus spells he would be entitled to based on his Charisma score for that spell level. The hexblade’s selection of spells is extremely limited. A hexblade begins play knowing no spells, but gains one or more new spells at certain levels, as indicated on Table 1–2. (Unlike spells per day, his Charisma score does not affect the number of spells a hexblade knows; the numbers on Table 1–2 are fixed.) Upon reaching 12th level, and at every third hexblade level after that (15th and 18th), a hexblade can choose to learn a new spell in place of one he already knows. In effect, the hexblade “loses” the old spell in exchange for the new one. The new spell’s level must be the same as that of the spell being exchanged, and it must be at least two levels lower than the highest-level hexblade spell the hexblade can cast. For instance, upon reaching 12th level, a hexblade could trade in a single 1st level spell (two spell levels below the highest-level hexblade spell he can cast, which is 3rd) for a different 1st-level spell. At 15th level, he could trade in a single 1st-level or 2nd-level spell (since he now can cast 4th-level hexblade spells) for a different spell of the same level. A hexblade may swap only a single spell at any given level, and must choose whether or not to swap the spell at the same time that he gains new spells known for the level. Through 3rd level, a hexblade has no caster level. At 4th level and higher, his caster level is one-half his hexblade level.

Metamagic Specialist: A hexblade does not gain a familiar at 4th level. Instead, a hexblade can use metamagic feats without increasing the casting time of the spell.

Bonus Feat: At 5th level, and every five levels thereafter (10th, 15th, and 20th), a hexblade gains a bonus feat, which must be selected from the following list: Any metamagic feat, Combat Casting, Greater Spell Focus (enchantment, necromancy, or transmutation only), Greater Spell Penetration, Spell Focus (enchantment, necromancy, or transmutation only), Spell Penetration.

Aura of Unluck (Su): Once per day, a hexblade of 12th level or higher can create a baleful aura of misfortune. Any melee or ranged attack made against the hexblade while this aura of unluck is active has a 20% miss chance (similar to the effect of concealment). Activating the aura is a free action, and the aura lasts for a number of rounds equal to 3 + the hexblade’s Charisma bonus (if any). At 16th level and higher, a hexblade can use his aura of unluck twice per day. A 20th-level hexblade can activate this aura three times per day. In addition to a hexblade gaining a miss chance when attacked, magic items created by the hexblade are also affected by his aura of unluck. When creating a magic item not intended to be cursed, roll a d%. On a 01-20, the item is created with a curse randomly decided from the chart on page 272 of the Dungeon Master's Guide. When creating a magic item intended to be cursed, the hexblade can make of the all decisions for the curse and treat his caster level for creating the item as two higher.

Cursing Adept (Sp): While the Hexblade Reimagined can still cast spells, he knows fewer spells than the original class allowed. Instead, a hexblade has the ability to learn and develop curses. At 8th and every six levels thereafter (14th, 20th, etc.), a hexblade chooses a new curse to learn. A hexblade gains access to more powerful curses the higher his level gets. At 8th level, he can learn Curse of Ill Fortune*, Desecrate, Mark of the Outcast*, Cursed Blade* or Unholy Blight. At 14th level, he can learn any curse that was available at 8th level, Jungle's Rapture*, Mark of Justice, Curse of Lycanthropy*, Eyebite, Geas/Quest or Ghoul Gauntlet*. At 20th level, he can learn any curse available at 14th level, Scourge*, Symphonic Nightmare* or Greater Bestow Curse*. A curse is spell-like ability. A hexblade can cast each curse he knows once per day. For example, a 14th-level hexblade who learned Cursed Blade at 8th level and Curse of Lycanthropy at 14th level could cast both Cursed Blade and Curse of Lycanthropy each once a day. Otherwise, treat these spell-like abilities as a spell cast by the hexblade including having the requisite spellcasting ability score to learn or cast the spell. An epic hexblade can develop epic curses in the same way that epic spellcasters can develop epic spells, but the curse becomes a spell-like ability like any other curse gained through Cursing Adept and follows all rules of using a curse through Cursing Adept. Each time an epic hexblade learns an epic curse, he loses one epic spell slot. As with any curse learned through Cursing Adept, the hexblade can cast the epic curse once per day.

Ex-Hexblades: A hexblade who becomes good-aligned loses all hexblade spells and all supernatural class abilities. His familiar becomes a normal animal and leaves the hexblade’s service as soon as possible. He may not progress any farther in levels as a hexblade. He retains all the other benefi ts of the class (weapon and armor proficiencies and bonus feats).

Hexblade Spell List

Continuing the theme of cursing as a hexblade, this new spell list available to the hexblade replaces the original and revolves around debilitating a hexblade's enemies in some way:

1st: Buzzing Bee*, Dispel Ward*, Grease, Obscuring Mist, Hypnotism, Sleep, Color Spray, Ventriloquism, Cause Fear, Ray of Enfeeblement, Erase, Reduce Person, Wall of Smoke*, Insightful Feint*, Distract*, Distract Assailant*, Incite*, Inhibit*, Shock and Awe*, Luminous Gaze*, Sonic Blast*, Backbiter*, Bonefiddle*, Spirit Worm*, Cheat*, Horrible Taste*, Ray of Clumsiness*, Weapon Shift*.

2nd: Obscure Object, Fog Cloud, Glitterdust, Web, Daze Monster, Tasha's Hideous Laughter, Touch of Idiocy, Darkness, Gust of Wind, Shatter, Blur, Hypnotic Pattern, Mirror Image, Misdirection, Blindness/Deafness, Ghoul Touch, Scare, Spectral Hand, Pyrotechnics, Dissonant Chant*, Distracting Ray*, Baleful Transposition*, Cloud of Bewilderment*, Inky Cloud*, Discern Shapechanger*, Entice Gift*, Ray of Stupidity*, Rebuke*, Sting Ray*, Ethereal Chamber*, Rainbow Beam, Slapping Hand*, Bladeweave*, Delusions of Grandeur*, Phantom Foe*, Shadow Spray*, Wall of Gloom*, Curse of Impending Blades*, Ghoul Glyph*, Ray of Sickness*, Ray of Weakness*, Stolen Breath*, Earthbind*, Ghost Touch Armor*, Ironthunder Horn*, Scale Weakening*, Dispelling Touch**, Dimension Hop**, Black Karma Curse**, Bigby's Warding Hand**, Blinding Color Surge**, Vertigo**.

3rd: Dispel Magic, Explosive Runes, Nondetection, Sepia Snake Sigil, Sleet Storm, Stinking Cloud, Deep Slumber, Hold Person, Wind Wall, Displacement, Halt Undead, Ray of Exhaustion, Vampiric Touch, Shrink Item, Slow, Anticipate Teleportation*, Bands of Steel*, Contagious Fog*, Nauseating Breath*, Unluck*, Mesmerizing Glare*, Ray of Dizziness*, Supress Breath Weapon*, Blacklight*, Capricious Zephyr*, Flashburst*, Great Thunderclap*, Wall of Light*, Cone of Dimness*, Shadow Binding*, Mass Curse of Impending Blades*, Mind Poison*, Spider Poison*, Demon Dirge*, Devil Blight*, Rust Ray*, Spell Vulnerability*, Energy Vulnerability**, Alter Fortune**, Hesitate**, Bigby's Disrupting Hand**, Prismatic Mist**, Curse of Arrow Attraction**, Halt**.

4th: Dimensional Anchor, Fire Trap, Evard's Black Tentacles, Solid Fog, Detect Scrying, Confusion, Crushing Despair, Fire Shield, Otiluke's Resilient Sphere, Shout, Wall of Ice, Rainbow Pattern, Bestow Curse, Contagion, Enervation, Fear, Lesser Geas/Quest, Mass Reduce Person, Dispelling Screen*, Ray Deflection*, Wall of Chaos/Evil/Law*, Wall of Sand*, Greater Rebuke*, Blistering Radiance*, Defenestrating Sphere*, Sword of Deception*, Wingbind*, Sensory Deprivation*, Shadow Well*, Backlash*, Corporeal Instability*, Metal Melt*, Scramble Portal*, Condemnation**, Slashing Dispel**, Stifle Spell**, Crushing Grip**, Phantom Battle**, Baleful Blink**, Call of Stone**.

  • = Spell Compendium, **=Player's Handbook II.
Epic Hexblade

Epic bonus feats: At 23rd level and every three levels thereafter (26th, 29th, etc.), a Hexblade gains an Epic bonus feat from the following list: Craft Epic Arms and Armor, Devastating Critical, Dire Charge, Efficient Item Creation, Epic Curse***, Epic Fortitude, Epic Skill Focus, Epic Prowess, Epic Spell Focus, Epic Spell Penetration, Epic Toughness, Epic Weapon Focus, Epic Will, Extended Life Span, Familiar Spell, Great Charisma, Great Strength, Improved Combat Casting, Improved Heighten Spell, Improved Metamagic, Improved Spell Capacity, Overwhelming Critical, Penetrate Damage Reduction, Spell Knowledge, Spell Opportunity, Spellcasting Harrier, Superior Initiative, Tenacious Magic and Two-Weapon Rend.

Epic Curse [Epic]

Prerequisites: Cha 25, Hexblade's curse class feature. Benefit: Increase the save DC of your hexblade's curse by +2 or increase the penalty it incurs by -2. Special: This feat can be taken multiple times. Each time it is taken beyond the first for each option, the DC is increased by +1 or the penalty is increased by -1 at the player's option.

Hexblade as a Deity
Divine Hexblade [Divine]

Your natural aptitude with curses becomes divinely potent. Prerequisites: 20th-level Hexblade. Benefit: The DC of your Hexblade's Curse is increased an amount equal to your divine rank. The miss chance of your Aura of Unluck is increased by an amount equal to your divine rank. When creating a magic item not intended to be cursed, increase the chance of accidentally creating a cursed item by your divine rank. When creating a cursed magic item on purpose, add your divine rank to your caster level to determine the effects of the item that are based on your caster level.

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