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Brasstalon (Female Dragonborn Fighter 19): The mercenary leader known as Brasstalon was once a member of the Accord, however she broke the organizations rules on plunder, pillage, and the treatment of an unarmed populace during the Aradian Border Dispute of 996 CT. Unfortunately for the Accord, she is also probably the most powerful independent mercenary leader in the two kingdoms. No one has thus far been willing to commit the resources necessary to bring her before the council to face judgment.

Andrew Volarian (Male Human Wizard [Necro] 20 / Archmage 5): Perhaps the most powerful living wizard and the founder of the Volarian College that now sits at the center of Pembroke. Though few outside the college are aware of it, Volarian is still the active dean. Some believe him to be a lich, others a member of the risen. On those few occasions that he is glimpsed he appears to be nothing more than an old man. How he has lived so long and if he is an undead creature of some sort are secrets than none can currently answer.

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