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Hero of The Shield [Fighter]

Over Time and use with your shield you have grow accustomed to it and with so, you have learned to improved yourself
Prerequisite: Must use a shield(s) as a weapon, must be above 35 years of age,
Benefit: Knowing the timing is everything 1/2 of your shield bonus you gain goes to your reflex saves, You have grown so used to it you feel one with the shield 1/2 of your shield bonus goes to fortitude saves, You have more faith in yourself when in a presence of a shield 1/2 of your shield bonus goes to will saves.

When you choose this feat you must choose a way of a shield gaining Damage Reduction = to your base shield bonus and add your Damage role to your health Health once per level permanently you also get 1 ability from these choices (consult DM for more choices) Tower shields-Ability: add your strength to your to all damage, Buckler-Ability: 50% chance to counter attack, Round Shield-Ability: 3/4 of the damage you take is forced back as true damage.

When you are not in a presence of your shield(s) you gain 100 more speed, 20 more strength, 10 DR and get fast healing of 5
Normal: You gain nothing

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