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Hemorrhaging Blows [Ki Manipulation, Martial Style]

Your foes suffer massive internal damage from your unarmed palm strikes and may start bleeding internally.
Prerequisite: Exploding Palm Style Rank 30, Sickening Blows, Base Attack Bonus +13
Benefit: Your Flurry of Blows and standard attacks (granted by BAB) utilizes your training in the Exploding Palm Style. With this enhancement feat you force the target to make a single fortitude save (DC: 10 + 1/2 Character Level + Dexterity mod + Wisdom mod) at the end of the attack or be sickened. On a failed save the target takes 1 point of temporary con damage per successful hit. If target fails a save during this abilities affect, target takes a lingering 1 point of temporary con damage per fail.
Special: If the target is sickened and fails the fortitude save again, target becomes nauseated and takes the con damage. If the target fails the save again, target takes the con damage and must make a will save (DC: 10 + 1/2 Character Level + Dexterity mod + Wisdom mod) or become frightened. If the target fails both again, target becomes helpless (paralyzed by fear, unconscious from massive internal damage, or and takes con damage for both failed saves. On a succeed, target moves back to previous condition but must continue to succeed to return to normal. Temp con damage cannot be healed magically, must be healed over time.

Activation: Sickening Blows requires Ki concentration and can only be activated a number of times equal to your 2x your Wisdom modifier per day.

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