Hemonuntiusitis (3.5e Disease)

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Name: Hemonuntiusitis (Su)
Infection DC: 16 injury, contact, inherited
Incubation: 8 days
Damage: 1 dex

Hemonuntiusitis is a blood disease. It is spread through damaging contact with infected blood, or it is inherited. As a blood disease, it can only affect monsters that have blood, and are not of a supernatural origin (outsiders and dragons are immune). Hemonuntiusitis is a dramatic, magic fueled increase in blood pressure, often to more than double normal limits. as such, it causes minor swelling, which decreases a character's dexterity once every 8 days after the initial damage. The DC listed above is the DC to avoid contracting it, the DC to avoid damage is (20+times ability damage has been taken). Hemonuntiusitis cannot reduce a character's dexterity below 3. The increase in the amount of pressure on a person's body has another affect. Non-lethal damage is considered lethal, and lethal damage deals an additional 50% damage. In addition, piercing and slashing damage have yet another affect. When piercing or slashing damage is dealt to a character with hemonuntiusitis, a spray of presurised blood comes from the wound. This spray deals (1d6/time ability damage has occured, including instances that would have reduced dexterity to less than three) to anything in a 15 foot cone, reflex save of (10+number of d6 damage dealt) halves damage. Creatures sprayed with the blood have the possibility of becoming infected. DC to cure is (upcoming damage DC-number of people helping) and involves a ritual that consumes 1000 gp worth of fine gems, an ounce of dragon's blood, and an entire animal weighing at least 40lbs.

(Incase anyone is wondering, hemonuntiusitis means "bloody mess inflammation")

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