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Deity Stats[edit]

Symbol: White wings being crossed by a flail.
Home Plane: Realm Of The Paradoxical One
Alignment: CN
Portfolio: Neutrality, Trust
Clergy Alignments: Any Neutral
Domains: Neutrality, Trust
Favored Weapon: Reaver +4


  • size= medium
  • type= female human Demigod Fighter lvl 10
  • hd= 10d10
  • hp= 131
  • ac= -5 ( -2 base + 17 dex (-3) + Ring +1)
  • str= 20: +3,+8.
  • dex= 17
  • con= 18
  • int= 17
  • wis= 17
  • cha= 19 +40 to reaction roll.
  • alignment= CN
Dembora Demon
This is what Helva looks like when she is upset.


Helva was a demon. She was purged of her demon heritage by her superior Atmosus.


Any followers of Atmosus are also followers of Helva. She may have others that are unknown.



She is the Demigod of Neutrality and Trust. She is a Tall, strong, and beautiful girl, of 22 years old. She hasn't been a demigod for so long. She wears Noble clothing or wears plate-mail. She has strikingly beautiful black hair, red eyes, and skin so smooth it seems fake. She has a very bad attitude and doesn't trust anyone, unless they are very nice to her. She is a demigod with bird like wings, that are either black or white, she can change the color depending on her mood. Mostly they are white, because that means that she is calm. Black means she is upset... She used to be a demon. A Dembora Demon to be exact. Her superior purged her of all her demon heritage.

For more information on the type of demon she was, please see the page on Dembora Demons.


She will attack by using one of her inate abilities, or will attack with her sword.

Inate Abilities[edit]

Spell use, +1 or better weapon to hit, Charm Person or monster, shape change for 5 hours (per use), ESP, detect alignment, light, dimension door, invisibility, detect invisibility, darkness, chromatic orb, Detect Magic, fly, magic resistance of 50%.


  • magic

Reaver +4 sword: (Plane Shift 1/week, ESP 3/day, Fly 1 hour/day), Portable Hole,  3 Chained Adamantine Flail with 3 Spiked Balls (she killed Yeenoghu for it), Amulet of Proof Against Detection and Location, Dagger of Venom +3, Bracers of Proof Against Race or Heritage Detection, Wand of Wonder (93), Ring of Fire Resistance, Bow +1, Communication Stone, and a Hand Mirror of Life Trapping, Ring of Protection +1.

  • non-magic

Shield, Plate, Unique Robes, Scroll of Magic Items List (for shopping), 20 Arrows, Lord's Ring with a Snake Design, 36,913 Gold in gems.


  • She was a Demon.
  • She is a demigod.
  • She is a Lordess of a castle.
  • She currently works for Atmosus.
  • She is the consort of her superior.
  • She has a pet hawk.
  • She goes around killing all types of Demon Lords, Devils, and Gods, she can... The list of Deities she has killed are below: (of course this is in a different dimension, so you are still able to kill the deities).
  1. Yeenoghu - Demon Lord of Gnolls

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