Hellstorm (3.5e Invocation)

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Greater; 5th; Blast Shape

Behold as I summon the tempests of hell!

The hellstorm invocation changes the warlock's baatorian blast into a deadly storm of fire or ice, as per the warlock's normal baatorian blast. The blast becomes myriad tiny brilliantly glowing sparks (or ice crystals) seemingly whipped by a phantom whirlwind to strike targets from all directions.

The hellstrom affects all targets in a 5 ft. radius of the target area per two class levels (maximum of 60 ft.). All within the area of effect take the warlock's normal baatorian blast damage, reflex save for half damage. The swirling mass of glowing particles causes creatures to become blinded for 1d4 rounds; it also covers everyone and everything in the area visibly outlining invisible things for the remainder of the attack round.

Flamable objects within the area of effect will automatically catch fire from a hellstorm (fire), free standing liquids within the radius of a hellstorm (ice) will automatically freeze to a maximum depth of 1 inch per class level of the warlock. Any resistance will automatically prevent this tertiary effect.

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