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Hell Master[edit]

I would gladly go to Hell, for there I am a lord. But first, you will have to get through my army.

Prerequisite: Warlock, Infernal pact

You have spent your entire life researching and understanding the inner workings of the nine hells, and have finally unlocked the secrets of the fiery gates. You have the power to summon and dominate with infernal absolution a select few devils of the lower hells, but the sacrifice comes at great cost.

Hell Master Path Features[edit]

Infernal Presence (11th Level): Any creature under your command gains +2 (+ 3 at lvl 21) to all rolls, and any devil not under your command gains -1 to all rolls. When you spend an action point, you can command a devil under your command as a free action. If no devil are present, you can conjure one without the healing surge price.
Summon Devil (11th Level): You open a gate of hell and usher forth a devil of your level or lower to fight for you with a minor action. This ability can be used the number of time they are specify per day for each type of devil at the price of a healing surge or one forth your HP. You can only have one devil at the time with this power.
Imp (Level 3) (At-will): One of the benefits of the Imp is that it can fly. Great for scouting, distracting, or relaying information.
Spinagon (Level 6) (Encounter): The Spine Devil is a great ranged fighter, flinging its poisonous fiery spines at the enemy.
Succubus (Level 9) (Encounter): A master of temptation and shapechanging magic, the Succubus is perfect for deception missions.
Kyton (Level 11) (Encounter): The Chain Devil uses deadly chains to restrain and demolish enemies. Good for single-target control.
Barbazu (Level 13) (Encounter): A brute soldier, the Bearded Devil charges to the front lines with its bloody glaive.
Osyluth (Level 17) (Encounter): In the nine hells, the Bone Devil is used as a taskmaster to ensure lesser devils obey their superiors.
Malebranche (Level 22) (Daily): A champion of war and battle, the War Devil is a leader and an incredibly formidable fighter.
Pit Fiend (Level 26) (Daily): Only a true Master of Hell can command a Pit Fiend. It has the ability to summon a group of lesser devils to aid it.
Servitude (16th Level): Any creature under your command can take damage for you if adjacent to you or in line of attack. you can command a creature with a minor action

Infernal command Hell Master Attack 11
You invoke your infernal superiority upon all devils, forcing them to attack your foes.
Encounter Star.gif Arcane, Charm, Implement
Standard Action Ranged 30
Target: All creatures of the Devil type in sight
Attack: Constitution or charisma Vs. Will
Hit: Targets make a standard attack against any enemy of your choice. Devils under your command automatically hit.
Miss: Enemy targets gain combat advantage.

Master's Call Hell Master Utility 12
You issue a call for assistance, and without hesitation, your servants appear at your side.
Encounter Star.gif Arcane, Implement, Teleport
Immediate Interrupt Ranged 20
Trigger: An enemy attacks you.
Target: Any devil under your command
Effect: Any devil you command and choose is immediately moved to 1 square of your location. Devil that you move with this power gain a + 4 to dammage against the ennemy until the end of your next turn

Legion Hell Master Attack 20
You call upon your infernal legion to aid you in battle.
Daily Star.gif Arcane, Implement, Summon
Minor Action Close Burst 4
Effect: 6 Legion Devil Veterans are summoned to fight for you. These minions share your initiative. At 26th Level change minion to Legion Devil Legionnaire.

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