Heavenly Entreaty: Deva Envoy (5e Utterance)

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Heavenly Entreaty: Deva Envoy[edit]

Lexicon Brimstone Speaker
Speak Action
Range 60 feet
Duration 10 minutes
DC 19

Celestial envoys are friendly to you and respond to your leadership. When you call out to them, you are requesting the aid of your celestial friends. As you become more familiar with Celestials, you gain new allies. The more powerful allies have less time to help, but they are all willing to assist.

When Pronounced Correctly
Your Deva will appear nearby next round with the same initiative as you. If you give it a command using a Bonus Action, it will follow it, otherwise, it will do it's best to defend you. If the damage your Deva takes reduces its health below 50% of their maximum HP, you must make a Charisma save at the beginning of your turn or they will leave you. If your Deva has 0 hp at the end of your turn, it will leave you. You may not have more than one envoy at a time as per the Law of Sequence.

Your words call out like a bugle to the stars. A light shines from above and a Deva joins your side, eager to follow your command.

When the Envoy Leaves
Your Deva cannot be killed. Instead, they will leave you in a spray of powder and mist, retreating on wings of starlight.

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