Heart of Baator (3.5e Invocation)

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Heart of Baator

Dire; 9th; Other

You bind your essence with the very fabric of Baator itself!

This invocation creates a strong bond between the warlock and the very essence of Baator, granting him fast healing 9, or increasing any existing fast healing by 9. He also gains DR 9/epic, or his existing DR becomes /epic and increases to 9 if not already higher.

The warlock's baatorian blast is now treated as if possessing the axiomatic power weapon enhancement, dealing extra damage and negative levels against chaotic targets.

Lastly, lawfully aligned creatures react more positively toward the warlock; their attitude shifts to the next more favorable reaction (hostile to unfriendly, unfriendly to indifferent, indifferent to friendly, or friendly to helpful). Creatures both lawful and evil have their attitude shifts two steps more favorable in reaction (hostile to indifferent, unfriendly to friendly, indifferent to helpful, or helpful/friendly to fanatic). Creatures involved in combat, however, continue to fight back normally.

The invocation has range of self and a duration of 9 minutes, or until cancelled. The warlock may not use any other dire invocation while under the effects of Heart of Baator.

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