Healing Spell Nerf (3.5e Variant Rule)

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Healing Spell Nerf[edit]

Dmilewski's Skill Based Healing got me thinking about ways to make healing magic work like standard D&D, but not be beneficial as a means of stabilization. So that is what I did.

Rule changes[edit]

When a character is below 0 hitpoints, spells with the Healing descriptor do not affect the character normally. These spells are treated as if each die rolled was a 1 and they do not stabilize the target. If the character's hitpoints are increased to 0 or greater, they are treated as "bleeding" and lose 1 hitpoint per round until they are stabilized.

Fast healing does not stabilize wounds until a creature's hitpoints are increased to at least 0.

A cleric that channels positive energy may make a free heal check to stabilize whenever they cast a healing spell.

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