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Hazazine Polymonixide, or "Hazlar", is an expensive and highly sought-after narcotic recently emerged onto the black market. It was created by a mysterious individual known simply as "Otto". This is the name used on the streets, no one knows anymore about him as those who get close to finding him tend to disappear. The drug is sold in the form of white, powdery crystals. It can be smoked or drunk as an infusion. The effects include dramatically increased sensory perception, hallucinations and loss of coordination and mental agility.

A character who takes Hazlar gets +4 Wis, -2 Int, -2 Dex for 6 hours. When the effects wear off the character is considered fatigued until he/she takes 12 hours of sleep/rest. A pound of prime Hazlar, enough for 5 pipe-fulls, costs 30gp.

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