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A good ole' bowl of hot haute cheese soup, just like mom used to make. Found all over the world and in many different varieties, this dangerously simple meal of melted cheese and vegetables heals anyone who consumes it exactly .1 hp. But watch out; if you drink it right out of the hot cooking pot, you might just get burned for 2d12 fire damage. The soup must cool for five minutes before consumption to prevent this from happening.

For the time that the soup is hot - that is, five minutes before it cools down or while it's cooking - a bowl or pot of haute cheese soup may be thrown as an improvised weapon. A character with craft(cooking) may make a DC 20 craft check to make the bowl of soup explode when thrown. This dangerously cheesy explosion of flavor deals an extra 2d20 force damage to anyone who gets hit in the face with this devastating soup. It grants a +2 attack bonus against angry wizard customers.

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