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Effect: You are constantly followed by a incorporeal spirit that cannot be exorcised, turned or otherwise attacked. It always hovers within 10' of you, moving through solid objects and teleporting if required.
  • It glows in the dark whenever you want to hide. It emits a dim light to a 5 foot radius and you take a -2 penalty to Hide checks.
  • It moans whenever you want to be quiet. You take a -2 penalty to Move Silently checks.
  • It corrupts your food when you try to eat. You become sickened for 1 hour after every meal.
  • It disturbs your dreams. You are fatigued for 1 hour after you wake from sleep.
  • It scares animals. You take a -2 penalty to Handle Animal and Ride checks.
Roleplaying Ideas: It might be the spirit of someone you have killed or who has a grudge against you. Maybe you stole from their body or disturbed their 'eternal' rest.

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