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The Hand of Blood[edit]

(Fighter Subclass)

(This subclass was highly inspired by Darius, a champion in the game League of Legends.) One day, a man woke up in the woods, alone and without any memory of why he was there. But he had a new goal in his mind: killing his enemies until they were a pile of flesh and blood. Lifting his hand in the air, he noticed a strange weapon soaked in blood, slowly absorbing the liquid.


At 3rd level, you gain the ability to shred your enemies with greater strength. When your attack hits, the creature gains a stack of bleed, giving them 1d4 bleeding damage at the start of their turn. The bleed can stack up to 5 times, adding 1d4 damage for each stack. the effect can be reduce by one stack by making a Constitution saving throw (8 + Strength modifier + proficency bonus) . At 7th level, the blood puts you in a state of frenzy. While a creature is at 5 stacks , you double your strength modifier to your damage rolls.


At 7th level, you gain the strength to swing your weapon around you. When you make an attack, you can decide to swing your weapon in a 5 feet radius around you. The attack roll and damage is the same for all of the enemies in the radius, adding one stack of bleed to each creature hit. you heal for 1d6 for each enemies hit, with a maximum of 3d6 for 7th level, 4d6 for 10th level, 5d6 for 15th level and 6d6 for 18th level. You can use this feature the number of time equal to your strength modifier per shot rest.

Crippling Strike[edit]

At 10th level, your strike makes your enemies unable to run away from you. Using your bonus action, you can make an attack that removes 10 feet from your target's movement speed. The attack is considered as an off-hand attack.


At 15th level, you gain the power to pull your enemies' blood toward you. When attacking, you can use one of your attacks to pull enemies in a 15 feet cone in front of you. They must make a Constitution saving throw with a DC equal to 8 + Strength modifier + your proficiency bonus or be pulled 5 feet in front of you. For creatures 2 sizes larger than you have advantage on the save.

Bloody Guillotine[edit]

At 18th level, you can strike your enemies with all your might and fury. As an action, you can convert all of your attacks in a single, powerful one. You add a number of d4 depending on the number of stacks the creature has. The damage of this attack are all the dice of your attack added together + the d4 from the stacks + your strength modifier. This attack considers the target's AC as a 10. Example : you have 3 attacks at 18th level and use a greatsword and hit a creature at 5 bleed stacks with Bloody Guillotine; your damage dice are 6d6 + 5d4 + 15(strength modifier). If the creature dies because of this attack, you can use this feature at your next turn or you must make a long rest to regain this feature.

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