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Hammer of Ancients[edit]

Hammer of Ancients

Found in antique shops, auctions, or out of the way magic item shops, the Hammers of Ancients are a relic from ages past. They are made from a dark-colored metal that exhibits a strong resistance to all magics. They are usually found etched with ancient runic writings similar to the dwarven script. Scholars believe that the hammers belonged to a bloodline of half-dwarf half-fire giant creatures. Legend says that these creatures had forges so hot that they burnt the magic essence directly out of their materials, resulting in a metal that is impervious to magic.

The Hammers of Ancients are large, masterwork sledgehammers. None of the hammers were forged to be a different size and the process and materials for creating these weapons was lost long ago.

The mysterious metal of the ancient weapons resists magic, giving it a spell resistance 30 and a +4 to all saving throws against magic.

Upon striking, the hammer will absorb magic from its enemy, effectively casting a targeted dispel using the spell Dispel Magic with caster level 5. This effect is not magical.

It provides a -2 reduction (but not less than 0) to any enhancement bonuses due to magic. This makes a +1 version of this weapon cost the same as a +3 weapon.

No aura (nonmagical); Price 20,380 gp.

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