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Half-Forest Nymph[edit]

Most of the time, forest nymphs and humans prefer to stay away from eachother due to myths and rumors about eachother. But occasionally, a druid, ranger, or even a simple farmer meet with a nymph and fall in love. The human to the nymphs intelligence, beauty, and mischief, and the nymph to the human's skill and wisdom. Their child is a half-nymph.

A Half nymph usually retains traits of both parents, which ends up good and bad in a way. They have much tougher skin than their human parent (+2 constitution) but also dont have the common sense and wisdom of said parent (-2 wisdom). A half nymph can speak common and druidic, although their common is quite blunt. Half nymphs are never paladins or fighters given their lack of knowledge to the forest. Their preferred class is druid and ranger, since both are connected directly to the forces of nature as a nymph. They do NOT have low light vision and fire does an extra 1d4 damage to their wood-like skin. They are medium. They have a +5 to spot, given the huge eyes of their nymph parent, but -5 to listen, having only earholes. They usually never find a real homeland anywhere, although their best acquainted with the elven homelands. Most of the time, a half nymph finds himself unfriendly to dwarves, humans with low intelligence, and half-orcs, given their blunt nature. They are, however, friendly to halflings, gnomes, and half-elves, and they really prefer elves as their companions. They have an utter hatred to dwarves and dwarf-related enemies, getting a +4 to attack rolls against them and an extra 1d6 points of damage to them. They get +2 attack roll against half-orcs. A half-nymph finds himself home in the elemental planes of earth, dust, plant life, and water, but will ALWAYS become hostile in the planes of fire and air. A half nymph gets -4 to AC thanks to their tough skin, but -4 to armor checks thanks to their not being able to move well in it.

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