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Half-Eladrin Heroes born of humans and eladrin who possess an innate talent for command and deceit alike.

Racial Traits Average Height: 5'5 – 6'2 Average Weight: 130 – 200 lbs

Ability Scores: +2 Intelligence, +2 Charisma Size: Medium Speed: 6 squares Vision: Low-light vision

Languages: Common, Elven Skill Bonuses: +2 Bluff, +2 Insight Adaptable: At 1st level, you gain a bonus feat Dual Heritage: You can take feats that have either eladrin or human as a prerequisite (as well as those specifically for half-eladrin) as long as you meet any other requirements. Sleep Resistance: +5 resistance vs. powers with the sleep keyword.

The children of humans and eladrin, half-eladrin are a race more rare than their half-elf counterparts but no less important.

Play a half-eladrin if you want…

  • to be a cunning and agile-minded warrior
  • to be a charming and alluring leader who draws others to them
  • to be a member of a race that favors the Wizard, warlock, or warlord classes

Physical Qualities Half-eladrin are about the same height as full-blooded eladrin but possess greater muscle mass generally speaking. Compared to humans they are rather slim, though not as much as an eladrin or elf would be. A half-eladrin typically takes after their human parent in skin complexion, though fairer from the eladrin influence on the bloodline. Half-eladrin eyes and hair are however often of a variety uncommon to humans, though seen frequently amongst eladrin. Like humans, half-eladrin males can grow facial hair, though they are less likely to do so than half-elves. Half-eladrin generally wear what is typical for the culture they were raised in. For a half-eladrin raised among humans that can be just about anything. Half-eladrin raised amongst full-blood eladrin however tend to favor the same loose, elaborate robes that are favored amongst eladrin. Some half-eladrin prefer to gather items from both cultures, either out of a desire for variety or a sense of belonging to both races.

Half-eladrin lifespans are equal to those expected amongst half-elves, slightly longer than that of a human. Like half-elves, eladrin, and elves, half-eladrin do not age substantially as they approach death, remaining spry even as they near their mortal end.

Playing a Half-Eladrin Half-eladrin, like all true half-breeds, are more than just a random combination of their two heritages. While they are indeed ambitious and versatile like humans as well as possessing some of the sense and flexibility of their eladrin ancestors a half-eladrin also possesses a little more. Amongst both humans and eladrin they possess a personal presence that is uncommon, drawing attention and serving well as leaders or conmen. Half-eladrin, much like half-elves, like to be around other people though unlike half-elves they tend to be more deceitful and suspicious than either of their two ancestral bloodlines would merit. All the same a half-eladrin, regardless of their motives, can draw others to them like a beacon of light around which others rally. As such half-eladrin often make excellent officers or thieves, depending on their morality.

Half-eladrin are often of a grimmer and more contemplative nature than half-elves or humans but possess none of the distant and aloof nature that separates eladrin from other races. Instead, half-eladrin eagerly seek out members of most other races as potential allies, though they may be less inclined to ally themselves with a half-orc than they would a dwarf or halfling. Nor do half-eladrin generally trust tieflings, though they are known to make exceptions.

Half-eladrin raised among full-blood eladrin often seek out adventure from a sense of ambition that is left unrewarded amongst the austere high elves. For those raised amongst humans curiosity about their heritage or a desire to get away from shorter-lived humans may be their motive. In any case, half-eladrin make valuable members of any party.

Half-Eladrin Characteristics: Adaptable, alluring, ambitious, bold, deliberate, friendly, graceful, open-minded

Half-Eladrin Names: Typically eladrin or human names, though some half-eladrin have names more typical of other races.

Half-Eladrin Adventurers two half-eladrin adventurers are described below.

Leshanna is a half-eladrin warlock whose charisma draws others to her in spite of her dark connections. Leshanna has made pacts with infernal spirits, granting her magical powers that exceed those of many lesser individuals. Leshanna is most at home amongst her human family, though she has lived with both sides of her heritage at various points in time and her parents remain together. Unlike man half-eladrin Leshanna does not think about her mixed heritage, to her its just another mundane facet of an otherwise interesting life.

Soveliss is a half-eladrin warlord who lives in a duchy in which humans and eladrin live side by side. Far from an abnormality Soveliss is actually something of an expected occurrence and many half-eladrin in his land have half-eladrin parents themselves. Soveliss is one of them and both of his parents are also half-eladrin. In this cosmopolitan and open-minded culture Soveliss thrived, rising through the ranks of its revered military to become an officer. Soveliss leads his soldiers into battle with the intelligence of a human and the grace of an eladrin, betraying both sides of his mixed heritage in a land where such qualities are considered the norm.

Half-Eladrin Racial Feat

Heroic Tier Feats

Fey Senses Prerequisite: Half-eladrin Benefit: You gain a +2 bonus to Perception checks

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