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Physical Description[edit]

A Half-Demon tends to look like a human with duller features. Grey eyes, black hair and sullen eyes. The shadows seem to cling to them. They were the product of a demon preying on a human, and often times the human and their significant other are unaware that the child is even partially not theirs. Half-demons are usually either described as possessing dark intelligence or raving madness, however their alignment varies depending on their upbringing.


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Half-demons have many similarities to regular humans. They are only born to human parents, though they don't tend to have any siblings, and their mothers don't tend to survive long after their birth. So far there has been no reason explained to why half-demons were only born to human parents. Speak with your DM to determine any changes within your campaign to change anything to make this race to fit in.

Half-Demon Names[edit]

A Half-Demon, since they are born to human parents, they tend to go by human names, either to fit in, or that they just use the name that their parents granted them.

Half-Demon Traits[edit]

Ability Score Increase. Your Dexterity increases by 2, whilst either your Intelligence or Charisma, your choice increases by 1.
Age. Half-Demons age at the same rate as humans do, but as they grow older their eyes darken even more.
Alignment. No recorded Half-Demon has ever been good, for them, the call to evil is too strong to deny. The're mostly evil, but can be neutral if they ad an exceptional upbringing. A Half-Demon would be primarily lawful if they are more intelligent, but can be neutral. If a Half-Demon is more Charismatic they would be more chaotic, but can also be neutral.
Size. Half-Demons have the same body structure as a human. Your size is medium.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet.
Darkvision. You can see within dim light for 120 feet due to your natural connection to the shadows and in total darkness for 60 foot. You can only see in black and white if you are using the darkvision.
Natural stealth. You are proficient in stealth
Paternal Element. Pick one of the following elements: Fire, Water, Earth, or Air A Half-Demon has lesser manipulative abilities over direct forms of their element (i.e. a Fireborn Half-Demon can manipulate campfire sized amounts of fire, but cannot manipulate lava, which is fire and earth) and the Half-Demon gets a +5 bonus to all saves against attacks based on their element, and can transverse their element more easily than others. (A Fireborn Half-Demon could walk through fire or swim in lava without being burnt, and their body cannot be burnt except by magic flames from a creature that has a higher wisdom modifier, while an Earthborn would be able to walk faster on land and would be better able to withstand rockslides, move through mud more easily, and would have more physical strength.) The Half-Demon however gets a -5 penalty to all saves against the element they are weaker against (Fire weak to water, Earth week to fire, water weak to earth. Air is exempt, but gets -1 penalty to AC)
Shadow walker. When you should be reduced to 0 hit points, the shadows cling to your body, and you get brought back to 1 hit point. When this happens, your eyes become pure, pitch black and the shadows stick close to you, even in light. This is only in effect for 1 minute. Whilst this is in effect your fallen angel ability roll is doubled, not the modifier. You can only use this once per day
Languages. Similar to a human, you can speak, read and write Common and another chosen language.

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