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Half Angel[edit]

Fallen heroes and noble warriors, they struggle to incorporate angelic order with mortal ideals.

Racial Traits
Average Height: 5'9" - 6'3"
Average Weight: 160-240 lbs.
Ability Scores: +2 Wisdom, +2 Charisma or Constitution
Size: Medium
Speed: 6 squares
Vision: Normal
Languages: Common, Angelic, Choice of one other->
Skill Bonuses: +2 Insight, +2 Bluff or Diplomacy
Human Ingenuity: You gain a bonus feat at 1st level.You still must meet the feat’s prerequisites.
Angelic Presence: While bloodied, attack rolls made against you take a -2 penalty.
Soothing Aura: When an ally standing next you makes a saving throw, add +1 to their roll.
Wings of the Heart: You have the Wings of the Heart power.
Dual Origins: You were conceived from mortal and immortal origins. You are considered both a human and an angel for the purpose of effects that relate to creature origins and choosing feats.

Wings of the Heart Half-Angel Racial Power
You sprout ethereal wings from your back and charge into the fray.
Standard Action Personal
Effect: You gain flight until the end of your next turn and shift a number of squares up to your speed. You can make a melee or ranged basic attack against a single target at any point during that movement. You can move through enemy squares during the shift but can not end your move in one.

Half-Angels are charismatic individuals forever experiencing internal conflict. They typically grow up in human communities never knowing their angelic parent and range from the noblest of heroes to the most calculating of thieves.

Play a Half-Angel if you want...

  • To embody the war between immortal order and mortal chaos.
  • Strike fear into your enemies through your charismatic presence
  • To be a member of a race that favors the Ardent, Bard, Cleric, and Paladin classes.

Physical Qualities[edit]

Half-Angels are exotic individuals and often considered attractive by their peers. Because one parent is human, their hair and skin tones vary widely based on the region and culture of the mortal parent with one exception. Half-Angel eyes retain the immortal spark left by the angelic parent and are various shades of gold, light blue, and silver that glow when the individual is experiencing intense emotional states. Slightly larger than the average human, half-angels are generally physically stronger and have a high pain threshold. When a half-angel comes of age, they discover the ability to manifest ethereal wings from their back that grant them the ability to fly short distances. Known as "Wings of the Heart," they are said to reflect the inner personality of an individual and vary in size, color, and luminosity.

Half-Angels age at the same rate as humans, but typically live two to three times as long thanks to their angelic blood. As they approach their death, they become gradually more ethereal and wisp-like in appearance until they fade away, as if scattered by a strong breeze.

Playing a Half-Angel[edit]

Half-Angels are a race known to produce successful individuals, be they good or evil. At a young age, half-angels are attuned to the differences between themselves and their peers, often feeling isolated or admired depending on the community. In many cases, a half-angel is taught that they are special, gifted individuals meant for a higher purpose. They can become arrogant and overconfident in their skills and abilities, leading to immense pain if they manage to fail at an assigned task. The first failure for every half-angel is a milestone, generally determining their future based on the outcome of their psychological pain. Should the individual learn from his or her failure, they become wise, open-minded individuals. But if they cannot overcome the failure, a half-angel quickly descends down a dark path ultimately leading to extreme narcissism in the face of their own shame. Regardless, Half-Angels emotions are powerful states and can often overwhelm others.

Half-Angels have a love/hate relationship with religion. On the one hand, their angelic parents are messengers and servants of various Gods, leading them to take pride in their origin. Children are often offered up to religious organizations who instruct them in the ways of divinity and mold them into various roles to suit the organization. Many other children stay with their human parent and live as any human child would. These children often grow up without the angelic parent and can learn to resent them for leaving, often leading to a general distrust in Angels and Gods. Half-Angels rarely stay in the same community all their life, as their acute awareness of being different from everyone else causes them to yearn for a place all their own, a home they can create for themselves. Generally, Half-Angels love large cities because they can blend into the diversity and find similar individuals to call friends. As a result, Half-Angels are adventurous and curious by nature.

While their dual background leads them to accept the differences between races and individuals, it also creates self-righteousness. Half-Angels are quick learners and attuned to the creative arts of music, writing, and painting. Their voices are melodic, their words often laced with honey. A half-angel is the type of individual who can walk into an inn filled with patrons and start a conversation with each person, be they thief or scholar. They exude a charismatic presence and often let their insight guide their actions, calculating the quickest way to achieve success. If they spend too much time alone, however, their calculating insight often leads to a total disregard for empathy. Ultimately, Half-Angels are creatures of duality that struggle to integrate mortal and immortal origins

Half-Angel Characteristics: Open-minded, creative, driven, arrogant, calculating, insightful, emotional, curious, adventurous.

Half-Angel Names: Every Half-Angel has two names: a human name, and a divine one. The human name varies based on the culture in which the child was raised. The divine name is generally used in place of a human surname. Most Half-Angels go by their human name, but there are some who choose to go by their divine name.

  • Divine Names: Divine names are generally of Fey origin. They are given based on the angelic parent's deity and will differ based on that deity's chosen race.

Half-Angel Adventurers[edit]

Bard: Lufia is a Bard who grew up on the streets of a large city and learned not to trust others from a young age. Abandoned by both her parents, Lufia grew up without empathy and saw other people as only a means to achieve a goal. She learned to use her angelic presence to intimidate others and cow them into following her and became a gang leader. Those who questioned her learned to bite their tongue when her silver eyes glowed white, else they lose the ability to speak. At the age of 20, Lufia involved her gang with an organized syndicate that trafficked sentient races on the black market. Known as the Nightengale, Lufia gained a reputation for her methodical, cold efficiency. The leaders of the syndicate saw Lufia as a threat and attempted to assassinate her. While they succeeded in murdering her gang and severely wounding Lufia, they mistakenly left the job unfinished. Now, Lufia seeks revenge on the people who were arrogant enough to threaten her and she'll get it by any means necessary.

Ardent: Vincent, an Ardent, was born to a human mother in a small village and felt isolated as far back as he can remember. Many children his age viewed his healing ability as unnatural and his proficiency in fencing, undeserving. His attunement to the emotional states of others caused him to become arrogant simply to spite them. At the age of 19, Vincent's village was raided by bandits. While he fought valiantly, nobody was able to organize the townspeople to fight off the raid and several people were killed, including Vincent's mother. Vincent was devastated and felt helpless. However, he experienced how his community banded together following the attack and felt accepted for the first time. With nothing tying him down to his home village, Vincent set off on a journey to find someone who could teach him to lead so that nothing like the bandit-raid would ever happen to his home again.

Cleric: Celia Mirwen is a Cleric of the Temple of Melora. Given to the temple by her human father, she was granted the name Mirwin in honor of her angelic mother. She lived a privileged childhood, waited on by the ascetics of her order, and never wanted for anything. The monks of her order taught her to embody balance, as nature is both ordered and chaotic at the same time, just like a half-angel. When she came of age and manifested her wings for the first time, her temple dispatched her on a pilgrimage to teach spread its teachings across the world. Sheltered in a temple, Mirwen knew little of the outside world and became a target for streetwise thieves. Disheartened at first, Mirwin turned her initial failures into success by eventually befriending those same thieves, who taught her to survive the harsh city environments. Eventually, Mirwen felt the need to travel to another city. While her first departure was a lonely one, she now set off with four others to spread the teachings of Melora.

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