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"So we've charted a new island in the Spice Archipelago, fished for Dragon Turtles, Visited the Pearl Citadel of the sea-elves, and escaped from pirates no less than seven times. And this voyage isn't over yet. What fun!"

Racial Traits
Average Height: 5'3"-6'1"
Average Weight: 200lbs-250lbs
Ability Scores: +2 Dexterity, +2 Charisma or Strength
Size: Medium
Speed: 6 squares
Vision: Normal
Languages: Common, Choice of one other
Skill Bonuses: +2 Acrobatics, +2 Streetwise
Swashbuckling Swordsman: You gain combat advantage with an attack made as part of a charge, if the movement made as part of the charge includes using a terrain feature. Examples include swinging from a rope; dropping down on a chandelier chain or the lid of a drawbridge.
Scurvy Survivor: You have seen the perils of scurvy and other sea sicknesses, and know how to combat them. you get a +5 bonus to saving throws against diseases that are related to the ocean or other aquatic affiliations.
Five-Ace Poker Player: Every Hadozee knows how to outwit any other race in games of gambling and chance. You get a +3 to bluff checks that have to do with gambling.

Glide Hadozee Racial Power
You begin to fall rapidly! Luckily, your trusty skin flaps open up to catch the gusts of air and lessen your fall. You glide about the area with uncanny finesse and joy!
Immediate Interrupt Personal
Trigger: You fall from a height greater than 2 squares
Effect: You shift 4 squares and land on your feet without taking damage from the fall.

Renowned for their skills at nautical navigation, the Hadozee are a curious folk of seafaring apes who glide about on curiously developed skin flaps. Hadozee have gotten the nick-name of "The Flying Deck-Apes" for this unique feature. Hadozee are born aboard a ship at sea, and grow up learning the life of a sailor. Every once and a while, a Hadozee will leave their ship to adventure on the seas in their own ship. Rarely will a Hadozee abandon the high-seas to explore the main lands, but as a common saying among Hadozee states, "To each their own".

Play a Hadozee if you want...

  • To pilot a seaworthy vessel along the seven (or more) seas
  • To be a curious and boisterous character
  • To stand out in a crowd as the most rowdy and cheerful drunkard
  • To be a member of a race that favors the Rogue, Ranger, and Fighter classes.

Physical Qualities[edit]

Hadozee are similar in appearance to baboons. They have fur varying in color from a tawny golden brown to a chocolate brown, and skin flaps that are one shade darker than their fur. Hadozee have a shaggy mane, which leads to their baboon-like head and sharp fangs. Hadozee are slightly stooped when they stand, making them appear slightly shorter than they really are. the reason for their unusual weight is because most of the weight pertains to muscle. Hadozee tend to have a lack of clothing when on deck; the most being worn at one time is leather boots, baggy pants, and a sash with sword and dagger.They also wear a belt where they keep most of their tools for working on the ship. Hadozee tend to have the same lifespan of Humans, though they tend to mature around two years earlier.

Playing a Hadozee[edit]

Hadozee are cheerful adventurers. they are more likely to crack jokes in perilous situations, and will use black humor if the situation warrents it. Hadozee are prone to intense emotional reactions. When they're enjoying themselves, they can laugh hard; so hard in fact that they might even whoop aloud in an apish manor! When their angry, they bare their fangs and snarl fiercely. In general, the Hadozee people are not readily hostile towards others. They are peaceful, and choose to fight only when absolutely necessary. Hadozee love to take care of ships and guide them through the waters of the world, not seeing their tasks onboard as chores, but more as privileges. The Hadozee communicate in a unique simian manner, using hoots, barks, and low vocalizations with some body language to interact. This tongue is actually roughly compatible with lower primates, and so Hadozee can understand apes and other simians with little difficulty. They are capable of learning other languages though, and like to explore the linguistic world. Hadozee become delighted when they encounter an individual who can speek their origional tongue.

Hadozee Characteristics: Curious, Boisterous, Exuberant, Chummy, Carefree, Wily

Male Names: Bansh, Darsh, Falth, Garsh, Grath, Groh, Harth, Krath, Marn, Polth

Female Names: Bahasha, Bannithi, Dashi, Kalla, Kasha, Mara, Risha, Yasha, Yetha

Also, Hadozee tend to have a ship-name to use as their clan name. A ship-name is usually the name of a ship that the Hadozee primarily worked appon with other Hadozee and a slight Twist (i.e: Night-Dream, ship-name for a carival named "The Dream of the Night"). If the name of the ship pertains to a woman (i.e: "The Lady of ____") the Hadozee will substitute words like "son" or Child" to feel a kinship for the particular ship. A Hadozee's ship-name rarily changes, which would require some massive event to cause a change of the ship-name.

Ship-Names: Dawn-Warrior (The Dawn Warrior), Midnight-Child (The Midnight Lady), Night-Dream (The Dream of the Night), Pearl-Daughter (The Lady of the Pearl), Swift-Son (The Swift Lady), Sword-Storm (The Sword in the Storm), Wave-Dancer (The Wave Dancer)

Hadozee Adventurers[edit]

Three sample Hadozee adventurers are described below.

Garsh Wave-Crest is a Hadozee Rogue. He lived his youthful life on his trusty Sloop named "The Crest of the Wave" with only himself for company. Garsh once commanded a great Galleon that shipped goods across the sea from land to land, until he was mutinyed by his fellow crewmates. They saw him as too powerful a commander, and decided to maroon him on a lone isle. Garsh escaped on the back of a small sloop he carved himself there on that lone island, crafting every piece to perfection. As the Lone Hadozee once again sailed the seas, he came across a lone Carival piloted clumsily by a band of heroes. Garsh decided to leap abord this vessel, and convinced the captain to let him join the crew. Garsh keeps his ship-name WaveCrest to remember his bleak past, but journeys forth to continue his adventure on the high seas he was born in.

Kalla is a Hadozee Ranger. She was born in a tree, unusually, and nursed by a clan of chimpanzees on a coastal jungle. Kalla was raised up surrounded by nature, and she learned how to use the jungle to her advantage. feeling alienated by her Chimpanzee foster parents for seeming different, Kalla left her tribe to live on the beach. She loved the smell of the sea, and built herself a small hut on the shore. Kalla visited the clan occasionally to keep bonds tight, but she knew she was too different to live with them. One day, an elven ship docked on the shore of the jungle for a quick rest; right near Kalla's hut. Kalla approached the elves cautiously, and soon came to trust them after watching them sit cheerfully around a campfire. Kalla made contact, and the elven captain recognized what he was looking at. with some minor problems communicating, the elves managed to hire Kalla as a deck hand. Kalla now rides the Ship named "The Autumn Breeze" and is learning more about her culture as she cares for the ship.

Jeeo'jay is a Hadozee Thief. His father designed and printed decks of trick cards to sell to connivers and con artists, and he spent much of his youth selling them and learning the cheats of the trade.

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