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Rogue Subclass

Technology has been an important part of your life for some time now, perhaps you're the child of a technomancer, or you live within a mechanically dependent technocracy. As you grew, you realized how to exploit system oversights to your advantage against those who got in your way. As a hacker, you gain access to knowledge utilized to fade out of sight, infiltrate technology, and eventually even tap into the spellweave to block access to it. This is the common lot of a hacker, abusing technology to your whim, and with this nefarious capability, what a new world you can build...

Bonus Proficiencies

Starting at 3rd level, your skills at circumventing artificial problems grants you proficiency in hacker's tools


Starting at 3rd level, you learn how to stealthily evade repercussions for your deeds. When you successfully land a melee attack, you cannot be targeted by Opportunity Attacks from that target until the start of your next turn.

Additionally, when you take the Dodge action, you can choose to cloak yourself and render yourself invisible to the eye. As you're cloaked, you are considered invisible. This lasts until the end of your next turn. While in incognito, your speed increases by 10 feet. The invisibility ends early if you are hit with an attack, or if you make an attack or cast a spell. You can use this feature a number of times equal to your Intelligence modifier (minimum of once) per long rest.

Arcane Network

Starting at 3rd Level, using your hacker's tools, you are able to tap into the spellweave in order to figure out what magical strings are tied to an object or person. You can cast Identify and Detect Magic as rituals if you have your hacking tools on you during the ritual's casting time.


Using your hacking skills, you can utilize the exposed spellweave and circuitry to your benefit and another's detriment. Starting at 9th level, you can target a creature or piece of technology as an action and attempt to lock down their access to their magic or technology:

As an action, you can force a creature within 60 feet of you to make an Intelligence Saving Throw. The DC equals 8+ Your Intelligence Modifier + Your Proficiency Bonus. On a failed save, the target cannot cast spells or use technology, and any effects created by spells that affect them are suppressed until the end of your next turn. The creature suffers disadvantage on the saving throw if they are a construct or have technology integrated into their body (like if they rely on the use of a mechanical arm when performing the spell somatics). You can use this feature twice, regaining all expended uses at the end of a long rest. You gain an additional use of Shutdown at 13th and 17th level.


Due to your success in exploiting glitches and coding flaws, your incognito capabilities have broadened. Starting at 13th level, when you use your incognito ability, you can choose to cloak nearby allies.

As an action, you can expend a use of Incognito and cause a number of allies within 30 feet of you (including yourself) equal to your Intelligence Modifier (minimum of twice including yourself) to gain the benefits of Incognito. Once you use Broadband, you must take a long rest before you can do so again.


Your ability to mend technology and magic to your will has hastened. Starting at 17th level, you gain the following benefits:

• You Have Advantage in Saving Throws against Spells and Magical Effects

• Creatures gain no benefit to perception checks from special senses (such as blindsight) when detecting you or your allies while in Incognito

• Your Shutdown DC increases by 2

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