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Guisarmuse: Celain, God of Freedom inherited this weapon, forged for his predecessor, Agnovitch to battle Lucifer. When the battle was lost and Agnovitch died, Celain picked up Guisarmuse and struck a near fatal blow to Lucifer.

Guisarmuse is a +3 vorpal flaming shocking glaive that is intelligent. It allows the wielder to cast any Sorcerer or Bard spells up to fifth spell level at will, as if they were a level 20 Sorcerer, or level 20 bard, as applicable.

Guisarmuse speaks all languages telapathically, and has an ego of 50.

Guisarmuse can only be destroyed by a wish, miracle, or other similar magical means.
Strong Universal; CL 20; Weight: 10 lb.

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