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Gildenhammer LTD.: Gildenhammer producers some of the most sophisticated firearms in the world. King Herrod of Arad is a major financial backer and shareholder in the company, and because of this they have many ties to the Aradian government.

The Allied Mercenary's Registry & Accord: A collection of independant mercenary groups and regiments that have all sworn to uphold the rules and standards of the Accord.

The Oslo Railworker's Union: This Dwarven railworker's union was founded in the mining center of Oslo, but has since branched out. They are the group behind the construction of the new passenger line being finished in Bottengard, and rumors say that they are consulting with interests in Arad as well.

The River Trader's Alliance: This halfling run organization of traders formed to allow the small merchants to better pool their resources and command better prices for themselves through increased purchasing power. They have since come to wield significant influence in both Arad and Bottengard.

The Aradian Society of Free Merchants: These men have styled their group after the River Trader's Alliance, but are comprised mostly of Aradian nationals. In addition the Society of Free merchants and the Aradian Parliment share a large percentage of membership.

Coldwater Banking Alliance: Founded by two of the wealthiest dwarven clans, the Banker's Alliance sets the standard for money changers and banking in the entire region.

Grimcastle Security: A large private firm that specializes in providing security for merchants and bankers as they travel between the comforts of civilization. They have a reputation of "ruthless efficiency".

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