Guardian Angel's Rebuke (3.5e Feat)

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Benefit: Useing this ability, the Paladin is able to intercept a single enemy attack on a nearby(less than 10 feet) ally with a chance to reciprocate(turn back) the damage that ally would have taken.The user also takes the same amount of damage that was turned.To intercept the attack, you must roll as if you are making your own attack.Chance to reciprocate damage is equal to Base Attack Bonus + or - Dexterity modifier + Armor Class above base of ally(Magical AC bonuses, such as that from Mage Armor or Shield do not count).Percentile dice are rolled, and you must roll inside the total chance.Damage reciprocated is 1/4 what would have been dealt to the original target.Example:Orcs 1 and 2 are in paired combat with Pymuslar the Wizard and Avelama the Paladin, fighting side by side.Orc 1 successfully attacks Pymuslar and is supposed to deal 8 damage.Avelama uses Guardian Angel's Rebuke, and rolls to intercept the attack.His rolls indicate success, so he rolls percentile dice to see if damage is reciprocated.His total chance is 19%(12 BAB + 5 Dex mod + 2 Pymuslar's AC, which is 12, 10 base + 2 from Dexterity).Avelama rolls 14%, success!He successfully reciprocates 2 damage to Orc 1, and the battle continues.

NOTE:This ability leaves the Paladin open to Attacks of Opportunity by both his original opponent and his ally's opponent. Requires at least 10 Paladin levels. Requires you to be a race with wings, such as Winged Elf.

Can be used a maximum times per day equal to the Paladin's Charisma modifier + Dexterity modifier divided by half, rounded down.
Normal: Normally, nobody is able to use this.

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