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Guardian Domain[edit]

Granted Power: You gain Uncanny Dodge as an Extraordinary ability. If you have another class that gives you uncanny dodge, your cleric levels add to that class's level for determining when you gain the improved uncanny dodge class feature (PH 26).

Guardian Domain

  1. Alarm: Wards an area for 2 hours/level.
  2. Protection From Arrows: Subject immune to most ranged attacks.
  3. Glyph of Warding: Inscription harms those who pass it.
  4. Resilient Sphere: Force globe protects but traps one subject.
  5. Glyph of Warding, Greater: As glyph of warding but up to 10d8 damage or 6th level spell.
  6. Guards and Wards: Array of magic effects protect area.
  7. Sequester: Subject is invisible to sight and scrying; renders creature comatose.
  8. Dimensional Lock: Teleportion and interplaner travel blocked for one day/level.
  9. Antipathy: Object or location affected by spell repels certain creatures.

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