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Gremlins are stealthy, sly, and mischievous creatures who delight in destroying objects, ranging from weapons to houses. They are also effective hunters, using their small size, camouflage ability, and stealthy nature to remain unseen and unheard.


Gremlins are more mischievous then malicious. However, many gremlins have been known to acquire a mean streak and use their stealth abilities to hunt down other humanoids. The majority of gremlins are clever and sly, often pulling off complex practical jokes or other acts of mischief.

Physical Description[edit]

Gremlins are small beings, generally not passing three feet in height. They are slim and wiry, and have overly large ears and eyes. A tail, which can be from one to two feet in length, helps with their balance. Gremlins are hairless, and can shift their skin color to match any environment.


Most other races dislike gremlins, and in many countries they are not even considered citizens despite their sentience. The few races who like gremlins are cambions, elves, and darklings.


Most gremlins are neutral in alignment, but s few are evil. They rarely tend towards chaos or law..


Gremlins seem to pop up just about anywhere.


Gremlins have no deity.


Gremlins speak their own language, which other races have termed "Gremlin Babble".

Racial Traits[edit]

  • +8 dexterity, -4 strength, -2 constitution. Gremlins are insanely fast, but are much smaller and slighter then other races..
  • Humanoid (goblinoid).
  • Small.
  • Gremlin base land speed is 40 ft.
  • Darkvision 60 ft.
  • Low-Light Vision.
  • +4 racial bonus on reflex saving throws.
  • +8 racial bonus on move silently and hide, and balance checks.
  • +4 racial bonus on listen, spot, climb and jump checks.
  • Camouflage (ex): a gremlin can camouflage itself against any background, meaning that they can make hide checks even without any cover at no penalty. In addition, they gain a +8 bonus on hide checks while camouflaged.
  • babbel (su): a gremlin can make an odd chuckling, babbling sound, and any opponent (besides other gremlins) who fails their will save (dc 10 + gremlin's charisma modifier) gains a -2 penalty on all saves for rounds equal to five times the gremlin's hd.
  • bonus feat at first level.
  • Automatic Languages: Gremlin Babble. Bonus Languages: Albionian, Jacinthian, Utish, Elven, Aergaelan.
  • Favored Class: rogue.
  • Level Adjustment: +2

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