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Green slimes are strange plant growths found in subterranean places. Although they cannot move, they slowly grow, feeding on animal, vegetable and metallic substances. They are sensitive to vibrations and will often drop upon passing creatures from above.

Green slime turns flesh into more green slime, dissolves metal quickly and wood slowly.

In this hazard, 4 connected squares have green slime in the cave or dungeon ceiling above. When disturbed, the whole mass drops down.

Green Slime
Level 4 Hazard
175 XP
Detect: Perception DC 21 Initiative: -
Immune attacks
Triggered Actions
Melee.png Attack(Acid) ♦ Encounter
Attack: (Opportunity Action): Melee 0 (Each creature in a trigger square); +7 vs. Reflex
Trigger: The hazard attacks when a creature enters one of the squares underneath the green slime.
Hit: 1d8 acid damage and ongoing 5 acid damage and -2 AC (save ends both)
Effect: The trigger squares are now a zone of green slime. Creatures entering the slime or starting their turn their suffer 5 ongoing acid damage and -2 AC (save ends both).
Special: A creature killed by the the ongoing acid damage caused by this hazard is turned into green slime. The victim cannot be raised from the dead unless a cure disease ritual is also performed on the corpse.
Burn: Green slime can be destroyed if the creature it is on, or the square it is in, takes 20 points of fire damage.

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