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Greater Persona Immersion [Racial][edit]

You immerse yourself fully into your role and deceive even magical sensors.
Prerequisite: Changeling,Persona ImmersionRoE, Cha 13+, Disguise 5+
Benefit: A number of times per day equal to your charisma modifier, you may replace your Will Save with a Disguise check when subject to a divination spell or telepathic psionic power of a level equal or less than your charisma modifier or half your character level, whichever is lower. If you are impersonating a specific individual, the DC gains a bonus as spot checks based on the caster's knowledge of the individual. If you succeed on this check, you can generate a misleading result or fool a spell attempting to discern your true form.
Detect Chaos/Evil/Good/Law spells and powers that don't give a saving throw against their effects automatically fail, and you can decide what other alignment you have for their duration. Though you do not know the precise spell or power being used against you, you know what type of information is sought and can respond accordingly. This effect lasts for the entire length of the spell, but does not shield you from another casting of the spell. You must use one use of this ability per divination or telepathic effect on you at any time.
Furthermore, your Persona Immersion feat works against divination spells or telepathic psionic powers of a level equal to or less than your charisma modifier or half your level, whichever is lower.
Normal: You make a normal Will Save against divination spells or telepathic powers.

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