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One wizard, one vampire, this princess of horror has declared a war against a continent. All its kingdoms, and all its churches made an alliance to defeat her. They managed to defeat her, but their loss was a third of all living in it. And she escaped... One of vampire goddess Shilah's special artifact that she has forged in the time between her life of humanity and her life of deity, this axe has been known to hack away at clerics and their temples with utter devastation.


This is a +3 Anarchic Brilliant Energy Greataxe, and is considered bane against outsiders with a subtype of evil, good, lawful, or chaotic. It is composed of a stick, with the end releasing bright crimson light glowing in a shape of an eclipsed moon. On command this greataxe can retract its blade, turning it into a black, indestructible rod (treated as a +1Anarchic light mace if used as a weapon in this state) until it shows its blade again.

The owner of this greataxe gains spell resistance of 20, only against divine spells and spell-like abilities of outsiders. When the owner enters a zone of magical effect created by such, the owner can attempt to destroy the effect as if by a greater dispel magic at the owner's level. Furthermore, when the owner makes an attack against characters with divine spell, they roll a d8. The greataxe then tries to abduct the highest level divine spell equal to or less than the result of the die (if the attack was a critical hit, then the result of the die becomes 9). The target can attempt a will save against this spell drain with a DC of 20. Successful save will half the level of spell that the target loses.

Divine Wrath[edit]

Those who wield this greataxe is always at risk of becoming the target of angry deities, whether it be good or evil. Clerics (and other servants of a diety) may attempt to call for such divine wrath on their turn as a standard action. They must be within 60 feet of the owner, and must succeed on a concentration check of DC 20+level of the owner. On a successful check, the owner of this artifact immediately takes 10d6 points of damage (owner must have resistance to cold, acid, electricity, fire, and sonic to reduce damage) and becomes blinded, deafened and dazed (not for 1 round as normal but for 2d4 rounds), speed is reduced to three quarters, and gains 2d4 negative levels. A typical owner of this greataxe does not usually get a save against this divine wrath. Once such divine wrath hits the owner, concentration DC to call divine wrath against this individual becomes a simple DC10. Disposing of this greataxe will not allow the owner to escape further divine wrath, and any cleric that comes within 60 feet of him/her will immediately notice that this individual is a target to divine wrath.

Clerics who decides to wield this greataxe cannot access divine spells even in their meditation, praying, or whatever methods they use to prepare them. Attempting to do so while holding this greataxe will call divine wrath and the above effect takes place.

Once the owner of this greataxe becomes subject to divine wrath, this greataxe retracts its blade and becomes dormant. It does not become active for 500 years. Neither attacking servants of Shilah nor the owner being Shilah's servant will help the owner from divine wrath.

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