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Graz’zt: The Dark Prince[edit]

He is a master swordsman, tactician, and beguiler. Relentless ambition has earned him the larges of the abyssal kingdom. Yet, he takes little satisfaction in this, knowing he still has all of the Abyss to conquer and more importantly, enemies to destroy particularly Demogorgon, who’s title is coveted above all else.

  • Level: 7
  • Binding DC: 32
  • Special requirement: Graz'zt deeply held grudges within the highest circles of the abyss and will not answer the call of any binder or demon-binder who has hosted Orcus or Demogorgon within the last three days.


Of the demon princes, none appears more human than Graz’zt, the Dark Prince, patron of tyrants, despots, and all those who would rule by force.

Graz’zt’s war with the other demon lords of the Abyss is legendary. He controls the largest kingdom—his realm covers three adjacent layers of the Abyss. Unfortunately, control of a larger realm doesn’t exactly translate into an advantage to a demon lord. Graz’zt’s goal is nothing less than total conquest of the Abyss. He despises the fact that Demogorgon is known as the Prince of Demons—he covets that title more than anything else. His crusade to dominate the Abyss proceeds apace. His most recent triumph was the deposing of the Demon Prince of Madness, Adimarchus. With the aid of his son, Athux, Graz’zt was able to engineer Adimarchus’s imprisonment on Carceri. Unfortunately, Graz’zt was unable to conquer Adimarchus’s realm, Occipitus. The Dark Prince’s cold war of intrigue, sabotage, and slander against Malcanthet has also been consuming much of his time of late, and Abyssal rumor holds that an all-out war between their realms is drawing nigh.

Although a master tactician and accomplished swordfighter, Graz’zt’s true strengths lie in seduction and guile. It is not by force alone, he realizes, that one can win control, but by controlling those who think they are in control. He enjoys the notion that he is the most intelligent, cunning creature in the Abyss; certainly, there are few who can match him in this arena (with the possible exceptions of Malcanthet and Pazuzu).


In a puff of glittering ruby red smoke, appears Graz'zt. Sitting upon his throne, a devastatingly handsome ebon-skinned male with pointed ears, glowing green eyes, six ivory horns glinting from ebony hair, six fingered hands and mighty black hooves. He stands casually at just over 9 ft tall.

"Well, well... are you here to... volunteer yourself? Good, I could use another soul." He greets. Eyes gleaming with malice aforethought, and sex... an uncomfortable amount of sex.


One hand turns black and grows an extra digit.


You become strikingly tactful and yet are distrustful toward others, you are always looking to find the best way to manipulate others into doing what you need/want accomplished.

Granted abilities[edit]

Caustic stike

Once per round as an immediate action you can empower any successful attack to deal and additional 2D6 points of Acid damage.

Wave of Terror

You gain the ability to panic foe, this ability functions as the fear spell, and is usable once every 5 rounds.

Soul protection

You are immune to the soul binding spell as well as any other effect that would bind, or trap the soul.

Surely Informed

You Gain a +16 bonus to gather information and sense motive checks.


You gain proficiency and weapon focus with all shortswords, longswords, greatswords, and bastards swords. you gain +2 competency bonus on all attack rolls made with these weapons.

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