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Gravity Arcanist[edit]

Artificer Specialization
The Gravity Arcanist is a subclass for the artificer. This subclass focuses on controlling the battlefield from mid-range while forcing enemies to focus on you and not your teammates. Artificers that use this specialization should focus on high AC to avoid coming blows that come with being annoying as possible for enemies. While being an Area-of-Control Pseudo Tank, you gain a couple of tricks to add to your toolbox with certain features to play around with.

Dunamantic Understanding

The magic of gravity is finally unraveled in your mind, spells normally unknown become simple equations to be pieced together by you.

You gain access to spells with the Dunamancy spell tag from the wizard's spell list.

Gravity Arcanist Spells

Starting at 3rd level, you always have certain spells prepared after you reach particular levels in this class, as shown in the Gravity Arcanist Spells table. These spells count as artificer spells for you, but they don’t count against the number of artificer spells you prepare.

Artificer Level Spell
3rd cure wounds, featherfall
5th maximillian's earthen grasp, vortex warp
9th haste, fly
13th raulothim's psychic lance, otiluke's resilient sphere
17th bigby's hand, wall of force


This amazing and unique magical artifact is one of its kind... And you use it to bash people over the head with it.

At 3rd level, you learned how to manipulate gravity through a floating orb and use it as a spell focus.

The Gravi-Orb acts as a magical melee weapon and a spell focus, dealing (1d10) magical bludgeoning damage, add your proficiency bonus and Intelligence modifier to your attacks and add your Intelligence modifier to your damage. The Gravi-Orb has a combat reach of 10ft (Reach). The Gravi-Orb does not need to be sheathed nor unsheathed unless placed in a bag/container, with it floating above or around the user. The Gravi-Orb requires a free hand to use, as for the weapon and features associated with it.

The creation of the Gravi-Orb requires 75 gold in materials, and requires 150 gold for future creations if the Gravi-Orb is destroyed or lost, with the previous version losing its power upon the creation of the new Gravi-Orb. The Gravi-Orb is almost indestructible through normal means. Destruction is possible through 2000 pounds of exerted force or through dismantling from an outside force (enemies, allies, smart rats) with a Intelligence ability check of 20 or higher and a 24-hour period. The Gravi-Orb cannot be destroyed through means similar to Dispel Magic. Only you, another Gravity Arcanist, or another creature that successfully dismantled and studied a Gravi-Orb can use the Gravi-Orb like those smart rats...


If you can make the Gravi-Orb float, can it make other things float too? It can! Now only if you can make the things that it floats make other things float.

At 3rd level, you can manipulate your Gravi-Orb to hover up to 60ft in any direction from you. The Gravi-Orb can act similar to a Mage Hand and can grab objects in range, levitating items above the orb. The amount it can carry depends on your artificer level, the carry load is 3 x your artificer level in pounds. The Gravi-Orb travels 30ft a round and requires a bonus action to move and an action to grab items.

Pull and Push

Your Gravi-orb seems to be making some weird noises after that battle with the solid iron door. Wonder why is that? After fixing it, you discovered how to not only change the gravity of yourself but other things and creatures too!

At 5th level, as a bonus action, you can select a creature, up to Huge size, or object, up to 100 pounds, you can see within a number of feet equal to ten times your proficiency bonus(on level 5 it's 3*10 = 30ft). You can either pull them towards or push them away from another creature you choose within the same distance you picked the first creature. The first creature is pushed/pulled on a number of feet equal to up to five times your proficiency bonus(on level 5 it's 3*5 = 15ft) and without provoking opportunity attack.

Unwilling creatures must make a Strength saving throw against your spell save DC if they're being pulled, or a Dexterity saving throw against your spell save DC if they're being pushed. If a creature is being pushed or pulled from you, you can decide whether they make a Strength saving throw or a Dexterity saving throw. Now I can finally catch those rats that stole my first Gravi-Orb.

Unwilling creatures/enemies that you normally would have advantage to hit or engaged with an ally when they are pulled towards you gain disadvantage on their Strength or Dexterity saving throw.

When a creature is pulled in your range of 10ft, you may attack as an action with your Gravi-Orb. When you hit the creature, roll an additional (2d6) bludgeoning magical damage. Damage increases to (3d6) at level 9 and to (4d6) at level 15.

If the creature is pushed into a large object or structure, they suffer (1d8) bludgeoning damage. If an object is pulled to a creature, it deals (1d8) bludgeoning damage. The damage type as well as the amount of damage may be changed according to DM's choice. Items pulled can't be heavier than your current Gravi-Grab's carry weight.

Gravitational Momentum

You upgraded your Gravi-orb to help lessen the damage of attacks by creating a field of increased gravity density around you. But the power and momentum of the attacks need to go somewhere? Why just add the power to your own!

At 9th level as a reaction, you may either choose yourself or an ally within 60ft during a hostile attack against the selected creature. You can add your Intelligence modifier to the selected creature's AC. The field lasts until the end of the hostile creature's turn. For every attack from a hostile creature against the selected target whether it hits or not, you gain +5ft to your movement speed and +5 damage to your next damage roll until the end of your next turn. You can use this feature as many times as equal to your Intelligence modifier and you regain charges while finishing a short rest, recharging half your Intelligence modifier rounded down, or refills completely when finishing a long rest. You can only regain charges through a short rest once per long rest.

Gravity Alteration

After honing your gravitational magic skills, you've learned how to change gravity around yourself for a brief period of time. Theoretically, you can now unironically joke about "everything revolving around you"

At level 15, you can create an area of altered gravity around yourself. As an action, choose one of the following ways to alter gravity within 80 foot circle radius, with the effect reaching 100 feet high/low, possibly surpassing the floor or ceiling, around you for 1 minute:

  • Increased Gravity

You may choose what creatures you can see within the radius to be affected by this effect. Affected creatures weights are doubled and treated as if they were in difficult terrain. Non-magical flying creatures within the radius are instantly forced to the ground with doubled the amount of fall damage caused. Flying by non-magical means are nullified while in the radius.

All items the affected creatures are carrying weigh twice as much of their regular weight whilst in the radius of influence, potentially putting them over a carrying capacity. For such instances, use of encumbrance rules may be used.

  • Decreased Gravity

You may choose what creatures you can see within the radius to be affected by this effect. Affected creatures have doubled movement speed, jump height/length, and weapon range whilst in the radius of influence. Affected creatures can also Disengage as an bonus action whilst in the radius.

All items the affected creatures are carrying weigh half as much of their regular weight whilst in the radius of influence, also allowing affected creatures to pick up double their normal weights.

  • Nullify Gravity

All creatures within the radius are affected with this effect. All affected creatures and items within the area are now weightless. Movement within the zero-gravity area follows the same rules as the "levitate" spell, except for you, with you being able to move 60 feet per turn instead.

The maximum distance a creature can go from the origin of nullified gravity without taking fall damage is 100 feet, anything above 100 feet of the point of origin will have the normal effects of gravity act upon them. When re-entering the field the gravity will once again be nullified.

Gravity Alteration does not require concentration and can be dismissed as a free action, but falling unconscious will end the effect early. All effects work on creatures of all sizes given that you can see them and/or they fit inside the circle of influence, in which case, the creature isn't affected. Affected creatures that leave the circle of influence will no longer be under the effect of Gravity Alteration

If Gravity Alternation ends whilst affected creatures are above ground, affected creatures will slowly descend down on the ground similar to "feather fall".

Gravity Alteration can be used twice per long rest.

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