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Granted Powers[edit]

Gift of the Grave: Convert a corpse into 10 loaves of bread, 10 pounds of meat, or 10 pounds of common herbs. Plants engulf the corpse and give you their gift. Can also be used on graves to make beautiful arrangement of flowers. 1/day

Eyes of the Grave: At will can sense any undead creature within 60ft.

Grave Domain Spells[edit]

  1. Deathwatch - Reveals how near death subjects within 30ft are.
  2. Gentle Repose - Preserves one corpse.
  3. Speak with Dead - Corpse answers one question / two levels.
  4. Death Ward - Grants Immunity to death spells and negative energy effects.
  5. Hallow - Designates location as holy.
  6. Undeath to Death - Destroys 1d4 HD/level undead.
  7. Resurrection - Fully restore dead subject.
  8. Soul Bind - Traps newly dead soul and prevents resurrection.
  9. True Resurrection - As Resurrection, but remains arent needed.

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