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A clenched fist.

Domains: War, Earth
Warpriest Domain: Earth

Despite his gruesome influences, the Underlord is not evil. He merely assists in the slaughter of both innocents and those who are guilty. He helps bring the souls of the dead to the Afterlife, and there are rumors he was once the Raven Queens husband. He hates those who choose to be undead and denies them passage once they are defeated, so that their soul must remain with nowhere to go. He pities those who were forced into undeath, and attempts to free them. Gladiators, soldiers, and executioners kill and offer up prayers in Grarol's name. His commands are:

  • Thou shall defeat those who have chosen half-life over death in wrath
  • Thou shall slay those who were forced to half-life in pity
  • Thou shall destroy those who would seek to force others into half-life in wrath
  • Thou shall give many souls to my domain, so that I may one day to raise to ultimate power, even among gods
  • Thou shall slay any who question me
  • Thou shall refrain from interaction with dragonborn (the reason he wishes this is unknown, but may suggest a rivalry with Bahamut).

Grarol is also recognized as the underlord, the lord of slaughter, and the master of spirits. He inhabits the shadowfell. Most of Grarol's temples are built on the sites of great slaughters, and the dead bodies of those slaughtered hang around the temples. The temples are circular, and the priest in charge stands in the center.

Cleric Training[edit]

The training of clerics involves the tracking and slaying of undead and the slaughter of his kingdoms enemies.


Quests involve the slaughter of foes or the purging of undead


Most of the prayer to Grarol don't involve talking, but rather involve actions. For empowerment against those with necrotic powers, mainly undead or necromancers, there is the motion of the right hand touching the left elbow, while the left hand extends its first three fingers towards the ground. For empowerment against enemies to be slaughtered, the left hand extends all of its fingers, while the right hand extends one finger.


The rites of Grarol are not ceremonial, and are performed not in the temple, but on the battlefield, where the shouting af Grarol's name while the slaughtered die is the best rite you can perform.

Heralds and Allies[edit]

The Lord of Slaughter does not have many allies, but one ally is well known. He has an alliance with the Raven Queen, and some suggest they were formerly or are currently married.

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