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This device looks like a crossbow with a thick stock and no prod (bow part). It uses a strong internal spring to launch a grappling hook long distances. The hook is attached to a rope that is mounted underneath the stock, that uncoils when fired.

The Launcher has a max range of 50 feet. It weighs 8 lbs without rope, 18 lbs with hempen rope, and 13 lbs with silk rope.

To use it you must make a ranged attack, just like a crossbow. The DC is simply a touch attack for a stationary object, which is DC 4. It is very easy to use. (Of course, it might be fun to shoot something that isn't stationary. heh)

The Launcher makes a loud kaPWING sound that is easy to hear. Listen DC -5

Reloading the hook into the launcher takes a move action. Rewinding the rope takes 5 rounds, and requires a DC 10 use rope check.

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