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Graceful Walk Style[edit]

The Graceful Walk Style is more of an interpretive dance of finesse and beauty than for damage. However if used effectively in combat, the luring style can be used to devastating effect.

Note: These are not fighting styles, but more or less a performance skill used to hone their fighting styles to a greater potential.

Monk Peformance Skill: Graceful Walk Style.

5 rank bonus (Apprentice): +2 on bluff checks when made in combat situations to feint.

10 rank bonus (Mediocre): Monk recieves the Feinting Hit ability allowing them to make a target flatfooted with a successful bluff check as many times per day as their wisdom modifier.

15 rank bonus (Master): the monk now gets a +4 on bluff checks when made in combat situations to feint.

20 rank bonus (Grand Master: the monk can use their Feinting Hit ability up to 2x their wisdom modifier per day as well as recieves a +6 bonus on bluff checks in combat situations to feint.

Prerequisites: The monk may choose one performance skill at first level and may take no more thereafter.

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