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You are an unmarried noble or aristocrat whose family is facing a crisis. Something unfortunate happened to them, causing you to become distanced from your relatives. Without their financial help, what you had to do to maintain your status, your wealth, was to take on a job of a private tutor. Your knowledge and your gentle touch was enough for your wealthy employees, they were pleased by the thriving your caused to their little beloved ones. Those teaching might have included foreign languages, mathematics, nature related topics, history, basic magic theory and practice, mannerism and dancing, playing a musical instrument, painting and art, and any other topics your were commissioned to do.

The money you earned was enough to sustain your noble lifestyle. However, you know that your life as a tutor won't suffice for you, someday you will grow old in your empty house. You must do something in order not to squander this investment. Perhaps going on an adventure would be the answer? Ask yourself, what do you want to change in your life the most? How is the current situation of your family? Do you visit your relatives, do they know your profession? Is your house really empty or do you have servants maintaining it for you while you're absent? What are your teaching methods? Did you teach them yourself or did you have a teacher? Have you ever been in a secret relationship with one of your employees or their family? Have you traveled long distances from your home for the sake of your work? When choosing this background you gain the following:

Skill Proficiencies: History and Persuasion

Tool Proficiencies: One musical instrument of your choice or painter’s tools

Languages: One language of your choice

Equipment: A set of fine clothes, a book with your teachings, an abacus, a signet ring with your family's emblem, letters of recommendation signed by your previous employees and a pouch containing 30GP.

Feature: Precarious Social Status[edit]

Your patrician status is quite peculiar. Most people like you have enough wealth, land or people working under them, but you had to earn your living with your own two hands. That resulted in making friends and enemies. In the eyes of your employees, you were seen as a potential disturbance due to your unmarried status. On the other hand, those that accompanied them might have been interested in knowing you more personally. If you played your cards right, you might receive undisclosed benefits from a person who favours you from time to time. Visiting towns can result in being presented with a mysterious letter from an anonymous sender...

Suggested Characteristics[edit]

As a working middle class, you have a lot to ask from yourself. Certainly, those years of work developed an evident character. Pick options you want to describe your character with or roll for them. You should only pick one from each table.

d8 Personality Trait
1 Less or more, I find myself like everyone other. I know a lot of people who put good work like I do.
2 When I hear churlish words from a commoner, I always teach those boorish rodents to whom they address them.
3 I'm a person who believes in compromises first and foremost. I always try to listen initially, then talk.
4 I love working with kids! Sometimes people say that I have a childish personality, probably because I took from them.
5 Because I understand why people can make mistakes, I am also patient with them.
6 At a cost of clarity, I always try to be comprehensive and proper with my sentences.
7 I always try to openly talk with others people, even if I know they are purposely lying.
8 It happens sometimes that I crack a joke, but I'm usually professional when it comes to instructions.
d6 Ideal
1 Silence and obedience is what I value the most from my subjects. If then need to the taught so, they I will gladly institute that.
2 The important thing in life is to keep a smile no matter what. Optimism is the practice I tutor to others.
3 Hearing and seeing how others are making progress makes me also happy. This is what I strive in life.
4 I never ask, I always demand. The slothful way is what I detest in myself and others.
5 There is so much to learn, even if some people say they know everything already. Knowledge is a never-ending journey.
6 An ideal position for me is nothing less than the throne. I will sit no lower than what my status entitles me to.
d6 Bond
1 For a high-born such as myself, I find only disgrace in my past. Let it be dissolved!
2 Having seen many eccentric nobles I hope that I'm completely different from them. I don't want to become self-centred like them.
3 Everyone just seems to be a good potential partner for me, but I'm looking for that special one.
4 The world is such an open place, I feel like there is still so much to learn. I want to compile knowledge from different places.
5 I like reading books and writing, but I'm no poet yet. It is just a hobby I want to share with others, looking for exotic inspirations.
6 It would be wasteful if I never archived anything as a noble. My ultimate goal is to establish my very own family.
d6 Flaw
1 I don't need to talk if I'm not asked to. I let others make decisions for me.
2 When someone asks me for something personal I'm just too timid and embarrassed to answer.
3 People always share their secrets with me, telling me that I'm kind or compassionate. They don't know that I have a tendency to spill the beans at the worst possible moments.
4 Someone showing bad manners do not exist for me. I will never talk or acknowledge that person.
5 Discipline is something I do overexert sometimes, but as long as the clients are not complaining I think that's fine.
6 Since my family is the source of our misfortune, in my opinion at least, I can never force myself to talk plainly with someone who causes problems for me.

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