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Ration is the blanket term used for any simple traveling food that needs no special storage. It can be nuts, or dried beef, or even fruit, although Good Quality Rations tend to be expensive. These Good Quality Rations can be purchased in almost any town, from a general supplier. They are normal foods for cooking, and are meant to be eaten untreated.

Cost: From 1-10 gold, depending on the local crops


Fresh (1–30 days old): Fresh rations, when eaten three times a day, heal 1 point of damage, and reduce fatigue slightly. This can be done once a day.

Aged (31–60 days old): At DM's discretion, old rations may heal no damage, or even cause the eater to become ill.

Growing: Rations that become damp or are exposed to unsanitary conditions may begin to grow, as mold begins to eat the rations to grow. There is a chance (again, DM's discretion) that the mold is helpful, but there is an equal chance that it is toxic.

DM Notes[edit]

Most people forget about the humble ration, because it is not often required that characters 'eat' or it is automated. However, sometimes it is useful to remember they are there, to provide a bit of 'incentive' for your characters to hurry up.

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