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Two Sub-continent Islands separated from each other in the oceans of the prime material worlds by an Archipelago known as the Tlaxcala Isles. Gondwana to the South and Xolteca to the North.

(Some say these conjoined subcontinents mysteriously wander from prime material world to prime material world during the conjunction of planes). The Great Subcontinent to the South and west is known as Gondwana while the lesser subcontinent to the North West is Xolteca. Both are tropical with great rainforests, savannah and exotic beasts like dinosaurs. Pyramids house vast dungeons constructed by powerful Pharaoh-Magi with their one strange law of reality. Many of the races of Gondwana are very similar yet different to the classic races of Faerun just with more pigmentation. Hence Elves would be Tall, cattle herders and hunter gathers similar to the Masai or Amhara. The Dwarves are salt miners and farmers who build partially submerged homes in the highlands, where they keep the herds of swine and goats and farm their yams, they are experts of crafting bronze weapons and armor. Humans are melanated humans of various tribes and cultures, to the North of Quajjari they are nomads and merchants to the South near Walata and Njani they are farmers and currently fighting in a great civil war Between the ruthless Sorceror-king Soumaro and his outcast Nephew Sunjata. The Great Kingdom of Suqattra is ruled by a council of magi after the last Pharaoh was slain in battle. The Halflings are very similar to Xhosa and live pleasant lives in the deep forests and deserts as hunter gatherers.)

Campaign Setting Information[edit]

Players Guide

Info on classes in the campaign setting and what roles they play
Races available in the campaign setting and how common/rare they are
Standard gear can be found in the market places just like the PHB.


All standard feats are found in this setting.
Magic of Gondwana and Xolteca
Information about spells available in Gondwana and Xolteca
Background & Languages
Additional backgrounds & languages available in the setting

The Elves speak Amhara, The Dwarves speak Bandu and the halflings speak Twa. The humans of Walata and Njani have their own language known as Ghantu while Suqqatra has their own language as does Qajjari.

Downtime Activities
Activities for players to do while not adventuring

Plenty of Ancient ruins and pyramids to explore as well as arms and armor to craft from the exotic and savage beasts of the land.

World of Gondwana

The World and Locales
Information on the world, regions, and nations of the campaign setting
Time and History
A look of the setting's history, mainly comprising of major events

Societies across Gondwana and Xolteca Cats are sacred in Suqqatra and if slain will have a reward placed on the party. Killing innocents will eventually get Ushtabi guardians and Medjey to hunt down players. Disrespecting nobility can get the party arrested. Disrespecting religious icons can get the party arrested.


The Greater Gondwana Archipelago wanders from across dimensions; when the planets or planes have a conjunction. Xolteca is part of this Archipelago and hence travels across dimensions to other prime material worlds... thankfully this happens very slowly like over thousands of years... it is rumored to be somewhere in Faerun.


Dungeon Master's Guide


This is an optional page which gives quests, artifacts and details about the campaign setting.

An examination/list of monsters found in the campaign setting
Various peoples and individuals that populate the world
List of magical items available in the setting
Variant Rules

Dm's should feel free to use exponential stones and their powers but only occasionally and the artifacts are so powerful that they should crumble to dust or gold coins after one usage. DMs should also feel free to tone down the power of the Arch-Magi near the end of the end game if their powers are too much.

Quests, dungeons, campaigns, and conflicts found within the setting

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