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Golems are magical beings built by powerful mages and given a semblance of life. While unable to communicate in any way, most golems make up for it with raw power or speed


Golems are stoic and tough, accepting what life has given them. They can be the staunchest of allies or the most tenacious of enemies. Despite being formed of inanimate objects and magic, they are generally good hearted people. After several generations, Golems become more friendly and become better allies or worse enemies.

Physical Description[edit]

Golems were once unintelligent magical beings formed of any solid inanimate object, though, after a golemsmith decided to give them the spark of life, thus creating the race of golems. They can stand well over seven feet tall, though rarely are. They are carved with intricate, magical designs and their faces are capable of little expression. After a few generations of golems, golems being born of other golems, they gain more self-aware capabilities and emotional capabilities, including facial expressions. Genders also start appearing, as well as life cycles, civilizations and birthing capabilities.

All Golems are humanoid.


Golems are fairly passive, and get along with any race accepting of their kind. This includes most dwarves, trolls, gnomes, changelings. The rarely get along with Dark Elves, as they don't get along with anyone, including their own race. Humans often seem them as nothing but objects that can move to protect what they want protected or do what they don't want to do.

Most Golems are incapable of lying, which upset some races, as they can't handle being told the truth.

If a Golem encounters an Amazon, the Amazon will attempt to kidnap them and take them to their tribe. This can be for multiple reasons. The first is to use them as guardians at night, when most Amazons are asleep. The second is to take them apart and use them as resources to construct a better hut or such. The Third is to be praised as a god, being treated like a king, or queen if genders come into being for Golems.

If the first one happens, they are treated well, better than the men of the tribe, and, in most cases, they become quite happy living among the amazons.


Most golems are neutral. There are golems that have preferred killing or protecting innocents, which gave them an alignment other than Neutral Good or Neutral Evil.


Golems live mostly in catacombs near the treasure or among the dwarves and gnomes. Newer generation golems have left these areas to create their own civilizations. Golems evolve rapidly, so if golems are working in a diamond mine, their bodies become a high-density metal to protect themselves from cave-ins within 1 year of the first cave-in. If Golems work as mercenaries or warriors, they become any type of metal, depending on how difficult they work themselves. If Golems live in aerial environments or other high-altitude environments, they become paper and their arms start folding and tearing, forming bird-like wings and feathers. If they live in high-pressure environments, such as 1000+ ft. underwater, they turn into diamonds to protect themselves from the pressure so they aren't quickly destroyed.


Golems have no gods or deities, but are sometimes treated as gods by Amazon tribes.


Golems can speak common and one other, depending on what environment they are in.


The Golems are named what is most common in the closest human civilization.

Racial Traits[edit]

Vital Statistics[edit]

Table: Golem Random Starting Ages
Adulthood Simple Moderate
17 years old +1d2 +1d4
Table: Golem Aging Effects
Middle Age1 Old2 Venerable3 Maximum Age
500 years old 675 years old 900 years old 1000 years old
Table: Golem Random Height and Weight
Gender Base Height Height Modifier Base Weight
Male 5' 8" +2d4" Depends on the material
Female 5' 4" +2d4" Depends on the material

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