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Godslayer venom can work on those with immunity to poison, it works by causing the body to start to destroy itself. It take one rounds to start circulating after that it deals a d6 of strength and dexterity damage for 5 rounds and then constitution damage. The effect on those who are not immune also take 1 dexterity and strength damage as well as get a itching sensation at the site of injection. It was made by a poison master who who showed a assassin clan how to made it but he has since disappeared, its used widely by assassins who need to kill those that normal poison doesn't work on. The exact makings of it are a secret to all but a few, the original creator, along with a few assassin clans, and some of his elite students. The price to acquire such a poison is priced at 5,000 per vial, due to the rarity and difficulty making it.

Poison Type Initial Damage Secondary Damage Price Nitharit Contact DC 21 0 Read detail 650 gp

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